10 Things You Didn’t Know about Rodrigo Contreras

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Rodrigo Contreras

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Rodrigo Contreras

Becoming popular on the internet is a very interesting thing. Although fame is something that was once primarily reserved for entertainers, it is now possible for people to be known by millions of people all over the world just for what you post online. That’s become the case for young TikToker, Rodrigo Contreras. Born and raised in Mexico, Rodrigo has become one of the most well-known social media users in the entire country. His videos have been circulated around the world and people love his energetic content. He is most well-known for making dancing and lip syncing videos and he has a great sense of style. Continue reading to learn 10 things you didn’t know about Rodrigo Contreras.

1. He Has Over A Billion Likes On TikTok

Saying that Rodrigo is ‘popular’ on TikTok doesn’t really give an accurate representation of how popular he actually is. Not only does his account have more than 26 million followers, but he’s gotten 1.4 billion likes. With numbers like that he’s gotten more engagement than some people who have been famous for years.

2. He Has Gotten Backlash For His Behavior During COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted people all over the world and the highly contagious nature of the virus has altered the way many people live their lives. Rodrigo, however, has gotten backlash during the pandemic for continuing to party and not wear a mask. Many people feel that because he has a large following he has a responsibility to set a better example.

3. He Is A Soccer Player

Social media may be Rodrigo’s primary focus at the moment, but there was once a time where sports were his thing. He played soccer for many years and has always loved the sport. It’s unclear exactly how far he went with soccer but he doesn’t appear to be playing competitively at the moment.

4. He Has Several Fan Pages

You know you’ve made it on social media when people start creating fan pages in your honor. Rodrigo has definitely reached that point. Several pages have been made for him and some of them even have hundreds of thousands of followers. What’s interesting is that these pages don’t actually post any original content, they simply repost photos and videos they’ve taken from Rodrigo’s real profiles.

5. He Is Signed To A Talent Agency

Some people may think being a social media influencer is a joke, but these days it’s a legitimate way to make money and gain access to more opportunities. As a result, many influencers have started working with talent agencies. Rodrigo is currently signed to Raw Talent which also represents his girlfriend, Domelipa.

6. He Loves Hanging Out At The Beach

If you thought that Rodrigo spent all his time in the house recording videos, you might want to think again. He actually loves being outdoors and enjoying the beautiful weather that Mexico usually has to offer. He especially loves being near the water and he spends a lot of time relaxing on the beach.

7. He Has Almost 80 Million Views On YouTube

Rodrigo also has a large following on YouTube. His channel currently has more than 3.8 million subscribers. But while that number is very impressive, what’s even more impressive is the number of views he’s gotten. His channel has a total of 79.8 million views and that number is increasing every day.

8. He Was Nominated For A Kids’ Choice Award

One of the cool things about being a social media influencer is that it also results in opportunities in real life. Rodrigo has gotten a lot of attention for his social media content and it’s even earned him a Kids’ Choice Award nomination for Favorite TikToker. As social media influencers continue to gain more popularity, there will likely be even more opportunities for them to win awards.

9. He Is A Fairly Private Person

Even though is very active on social media and has millions of people who keep up with what he’s doing, he has remained fairly private. His content never really touches on his private life and he hasn’t revealed much information about himself. This decision to be relatively private while being very active online has become very popular with younger social media users.

10. He Isn’t Afraid To Take Risks

One thing that’s clear about Rodrigo is that he isn’t afraid to take risks. From the color of his hair to the his fashion choices, Rodrigo isn’t afraid to be himself and that’s something that people have come to love him for. Thanks to his confidence he has inspired lots of people to be themselves and people really enjoy watching him live his life to the fullest.

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