Mariah Carey Sued by Former Manager for Civil Rights Violations

Stella Stolper is the former manager of Mariah Carey. She was fired by Carey in late 2017. Something that seems to have resulted in some bad feelings between the two, as shown by the news that Stolper is now suing Carey.

For those who are curious, Stolper is claiming three things with her lawsuit. First, she is claiming that her civil rights were violated. Second, she is claiming that her rights as an employee under the Fair Employment and Housing Act were violated. Third, she is claiming that there was a breach of the contract between the two that happened when Carey fired her.

Besides these three claims, Stolper has made some other negative statements regarding Carey, though it remains to be seen whether anything further will come of these particular claims or not. For example, Stolper has claimed that Carey has a serious substance abuse problem, which seems like the sort of thing that will come up should the lawsuit proceed. Furthermore, Stolper has claimed sexual harassment, with examples ranging from Carey being naked in her presence to Carey performing sexual acts in front of her. In regards to this particular claim, she has threatened to sue, but so far, she has not taken action. Finally, Stolper has claimed that Carey often failed to take her medicine for her bipolar disorder, which is something that the singer revealed relatively recently, though she was diagnosed with the condition way back in 2001.

Of course, some people have started offering their thoughts on Stolper’s motives for suing Carey. In particular, one source is claiming that Stolper is interested in the spotlight, so much so that she is suing for the chance to have the cameras focus on her rather than Carey. Supposedly, Stolper wants to use the lawsuit as a chance to build up momentum, which will be exchanged for a reality TV show of her own. The source went as far as to claim that Stolper has already filmed a pilot for a reality TV show before, which seems like the sort of the thing that would support the rest of what they are saying. With that said, there is no real way to tell whether this source is telling the truth or not. Certainly, what it is saying sounds possible, but there is no real way for outsiders to say whether it is true or not without further information from the lawsuit coming out.

Regardless, it seems safe to say that a significant chunk of the tabloids’ collection attention will be focused on the lawsuit directed against Carey for some time to come. As a result, once there are further developments, they will make it onto the entertainment news in no time flat. With that said, it will be interesting to see whether the whole thing leads to a trial or not. For the time being, the lawyers for both sides are standing strong and speaking tough, but to be perfectly honest, it wouldn’t be the first time that lawyers have postured in public while working out things in private.

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