10 Things You Didn’t Know about Victoria Pratt

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Victoria Pratt

Victoria Pratt

Victoria Pratt is a Canadian actress. In recent times, interested individuals might have seen her name show up because of her marriage to Trace Adkins, which was officiated by Blake Shelton. Here are 10 things that you may or may not have known about Victoria Pratt:

1. Grew Up in Chesley, ON

Pratt was raised in a place called Chesley, which is one of the communities that make up the township of Arran-Elderslie in the Canadian province of Ontario. For the most part, Chesley is an excellent example of the rural communities that can be found in the province. However, it is interesting to note that its economy is more reliant on manufacturing than other economic sectors.

2. Very Athletic

On the whole, Pratt seems to have been a very athletic person and continues to be a very athletic person. When she was still in school, she competed in track and field. Moreover, while she is best-known for being an actress, it should be mentioned that she has also been a fitness model as well.

3. Does Shotokan Karate

It is interesting to note that Pratt is known to be a blue belt in Shotokan karate. In short, Shotokan karate is a particular style of the martial art that was developed by Gichin Funakoshi and his son Gigo Funakoshi in the early 20th century. Said individuals were very influential, but there is no such thing as a single unified school because their students’ internal disputes resulted in the creation of multiple organizations meant to promote the martial art.

4. Enjoys Kickboxing

Besides Shotokan karate, Pratt is said to enjoy kickboxing as well. The term “kickboxing” can be a bit nebulous. This is because it is sometimes used to refer to all stand-up combat sports that permit the use of both punching and kicking, meaning that it encompasses everything from Muay Thai to Sanda as well as some but other styles of karate. However, there is a narrower definition for “kickboxing” as well, which would be the combat sports that are called kickboxing. With that said, there isn’t a single kind of kickboxing but rather a number of them, though there is enough cross-fertilization between them that it isn’t uncommon to see interested individuals training under more than one set of kickboxing rules.

5. Went to York University

Education-wise, Pratt went to York University, which is one of the better-known schools that can be found in Toronto, ON. There, she studied kinesiology, meaning the field that is focused on the movements of the body. Generally speaking, this means the movements of human bodies, but it is interesting to note that the field includes the movements of non-human bodies as well. Regardless, kinesiology provides useful insight into fitness, conditioning, rehabilitation methods, and related topics, thus making it a popular field for people who want to gain a deeper understanding of how people move about and can best move about.

6. Became a Fitness Model Because of Robert Kennedy

Upon graduating from York University, Pratt was convinced to give fitness modeling a chance by the Canadian publisher Robert Kennedy. For the most part, Kennedy is remembered for being the man behind MuscleMag and a number of related publications, which were focused on bodybuilding, nutrition, and related topics. However, Kennedy was also someone with a strong interest in the arts as well. For example, he was an art teacher before he started selling courses on fitness, nutrition, and bodybuilding. Furthermore, he is known to have been an artist in his own right who was also fond of collecting art works by other contemporary artists. Still, it was Kennedy’s role as a publisher that enabled him to launch the careers of Pratt as well as a number of other fitness models such as Trish Stratus and Torrie Wilson.

7. Was on Xena: Warrior Princess

One of Pratt’s roles was Cyane on the cult classic Xena: Warrior Princess. In short, her character was an Amazon queen who defeated the titular character by tearing her clothes off of her, thus forcing her to retreat in embarrassment. For those who are unfamiliar, the Amazons were a tribe of warrior women in Greek mythology, with the result that they showed up in a wide range of stories. For example, the Amazon queen Hippolyta is said to have had some kind of relationship with the Athenian hero Theseus, thus resulting a son named Hippolytus who was famous for worshipping Artemis. Likewise, Hippolyta’s sister Penthesilea was one of the people who fought for the Trojans in the Trojan War.

8. Was on Cleopatra 2525

Over the course of her career, Pratt has been in a lot of sci-fi media. For instance, she was on the sci-fi show Cleopatra 2525, which started up in January of 2000 and continued until March of 2001. In short, the titular character was an exotic dancer put into suspended animation because of breast augmentation complications. Unfortunately for her, she wakes up in the 26th century, which is a time when humans are fighting to reclaim the surface of the Earth from rogue machines called the Baileys. In the show, Pratt played a member of the main trio named Sarge who has a sister in a cult that worships the machines.

9. Was on Mutant X

For another example, Pratt was on Mutant X as well. In that one, she played one of the New Mutants who possessed superpowers because of genetic experimentation, who are intent on protecting others of their kind. Pratt’s character was what the show called a Feline Feral, meaning that she had cat-themed superpowers because of the blending of human DNA with cat DNA. Amusingly, these cat-themed superpowers included a sixth sense for incoming threats to her personal well-being.

10. Is Left-Handed

Pratt is a southpaw. Curiously, there is some evidence to suggest that left-handed people are better at combat sports than their right-handed counterparts. Something that might be explainable by most right-handed people having more experience with fighting other right-handed people, meaning that a left-handed person presents an unfamiliar challenge.

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