Funny Compilation of Gal Gadot Having a Very Hard Time With Her English

Funny Compilation of Gal Gadot Having a Very Hard Time With Her English

Funny Compilation of Gal Gadot Having a Very Hard Time With Her English

I do apologize but thanks to copyright laws, which are important by the way, this video will not be playing anytime soon. But I can still comment and write about the issue of those that have trouble with English anyway (we do however, have a solid substitute below)

There’s one thing you have to understand about the English language. It’s very difficult to learn and very, very messy in many regards. Those attempting to learn it for the first time often get very confused and will flub more often than not for simple reasons that we as American citizens find comical despite the fact that a lot of us don’t even know a second language. Plus, when you’re attempting to speak another language there’s another inherent problem that tends to crop up. Your accent gets in the way just as much as your misunderstanding of the language. Why would an accent be an issue?

That’s an easy one, because a foreign accent, and yes my fellow Americans, we have accents aplenty, can truly screw up a word or a sentence if it comes out in your native accent. For those attempting to learn or master the English language their accent can mess with various words in a way that might make them sound like something they’re not and perhaps even skew an entire sentence.

As funny as you think it sounds when someone else tries to speak our language, keep in mind that if you try to speak their native language you sound just as ridiculous if not worse unless your accent and inflection are perfect. Nine times out of ten they won’t be, and you’ll look just as foolish. While it’s easy to laugh at those attempting to learn our language and mock them in a bad rendition of their own accent, it’s important to remember that if you had to learn English, proper English, not the common slang and poor grammar that so many of us use throughout the country, you’d be just as lost and sound just as ridiculous.

Gal Godot can speak English very well in fact, but she does have her flubs now and again just like anyone else that doesn’t count English as their native tongue. The Israeli-born actress has done extremely well in learning the American tongue and adapting that to the big screen. Keep in mind that before Wonder Woman she was a part of the Fast and Furious franchise where she turned heads as a combat expert and all around tough woman. She certainly put Roman Pearce in his place a time or two, and that’s not easy.

Speaking English is kind of like going to Baskin Robbins, it’s all essentially the same thing but there’s so many options that it can make your head spin. Dialects abound across the US. From the northwest to the midwest to the deep south to the northeast, there are an untold number of dialects, each with their own inflection and each with their own culture. To ask anyone to just “learn English” is like asking someone to pick a flavor and stick with it. Yeah, it’s that difficult.

So Gal Gadot flubbed a bit, big deal.


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