10 Things You Didn’t Know about Vanessa Marano

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Vanessa Marano

In some ways it seems as though Vanessa Marano’s career was built on defiance if only because it seems as though the fact that she wanted it didn’t matter as much because her parents weren’t fully on board with it. But since she was accepted by a casting agent she’s been on a roll with her career since and it would seem that things might have quieted down at home or at least reached an amicable state. There are reasons why some parent would deny their kids a chance to become a star on screen but there are many others that would seek to negate such reasons and ultimately it seems as though it would be the ambition of the star that would win out. If that’s the case then Vanessa has the dedication and the ambition to make it work and has done so now for several years, elevating herself through one role after another.

Here’s a few things you might not have known about her.

10. She started acting at age 7.

To some this might seem like a very young age to start standing in front of the camera and take direction. But if that’s the case then people that think this must not have been paying attention for a long time since kids have been acting for decades and not a lot of people have said that much about it.

9. Her career started up in 2002.

It’s a wonder at this point as to who’s going to rise and who is going to stay where they are now that the 2000s generation must be seeing their time to take over drawing nearer and nearer given that the older generation is starting to either retire or pass away. It’ll be interesting to see the layout of Hollywood in the next ten years or so.

8. Her mother didn’t want her or her sister having an acting career.

To stop their careers from ever taking off their mother actually took them to someone that she felt would reject the girls both out of hand, but was surprised when the agent instead claimed that both girls would be able to be signed.

7. She was on the show Without A Trace.

Remember this show? It was one of the many police procedural dramas that’s been pushed throughout the years and dealt with the FBI and the many different cases they handled as well as the lives of the individual team members.

6. She has an extensive TV career.

It would seem that TV has been her niche for the most part, though she does have some films under her belt. Some actors are simply drawn to TV roles while others excel at films. It’s not rare to see a person excel in both but it is something that seems to happen only every so often.

5. She’s been nominated for a couple of awards.

It’s always great to be nominated since despite the fact that it’s not a win it keeps the actors hungry for more, for the final reach for that award that’s just out of the grasp. If someone wins too often they could get complacent, but if they get close and want to keep on going they’ll stay sharp and people will see the best come out in them.

4. She’s starred in commercials.

Everyone has had to get their start in the business somehow and this seems like one of the best ways to do it apart from being a stage actor. There are more than a few ways to get started within an acting career but most of them do involve getting up and actually acting so that people can see what they can do.

3. She’s acted alongside her sister.

She did this in Without A Trace and was pretty successful. Given the fact that they were both kids however it might have been the comfort of being together that really helped since acting the same way you do around another person that’s playing your sibling vs. your actual sibling can be kind of telling since it’s not always quite as genuine.

2. She loves dark colors.

People with very white skin sometimes tend to love darker colors so it doesn’t feel as though they can go unnoticed. Vanessa does have very white skin and she tends to love the darker colors because they offer some contrast to her person.

1. She was cast in the last project of Christopher Reeve.

This seems like it would be something of great importance since Reeve was something of a legend in show business and would have garnered a great deal of respect as a director even in his final days.

Vanessa definitely has a ways to go it seems in order to be someone that people will look to in fond remembrance on screen, but she still has a lot of time in her career.

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