‘Star Wars: Episode 9′ Hires ‘Blade Runner 2049′ Art Director

There aren’t a lot of details to be had about Star Wars Episode 9 yet but one thing is for certain, the look of the film is going to be something epic since the art director for Blade Runner 2049 is going to be on board. That’s almost enough on its own to make a person think that episode 9 will be worth going to watch just because of the visuals. It might take a little more convincing for others to really see the value into going to see the movie after The Last Jedi, but one thing is certain, with the same guy working on the next Star Wars that did Blade Runner 2049, Game of Thrones, and Skyfall, the look of the movie is going to be absolutely spectacular.

Everything from the way the characters look to the landscape and how it flows within the picture is going to under the watchful eye of Paul Inglis, and given how great of a job he’s done so far on various films and TV shows the landscape of episode 9 is going to rock in a way that should put to rest some of the doubts as to how it will play out. Some people are still smarting over the seeming catastrophe that TLJ has been described as, but one thing you never take away from the Star Wars films is that their cinematography has always been top notch and on point. With Inglis coming in to help they will not only stay that way but they’ll actually improve as well. If this guy could help make these other films do so well in terms of how they look and are presented to the public then making sure Star Wars episode 9 looks awesome should be a piece of cake.

I say that because he already has so much to pull from when it comes to lore, past movies, and other factors that have to do with Star Wars. The movies tend to make themselves in a way as they offer up the feel and tempo that’s needed and rely only on the skilled and nimble hands of the creators to come out looking like they do when they’re released. It won’t be entirely easy but it should be something that Inglis could possibly feel is a project that allows itself to be molded and crafted without much difficulty. Even if there were problems that arose, and I’m sure there would be eventually in some form, Inglis has already proven that he’s up to a challenge and can deliver on what’s desired without fail.

I know, I know. The doubts about Star Wars are still there following TLJ even with the idea that the film could look even more amazing than usual. But the faith that needs to be restored in the franchise, for those that decided to turn their backs, should be easily regained by the visuals and the fact that the story is not played out just yet. While Inglis can’t exactly bring back the magic that would allow people to give the franchise another chance, he can definitely make their heads turn to see what they might be missing.

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