10 Things You Didn’t Know about Chronixx

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Chronixx

When it comes to reggae music Chronixx has been one of the best in recent years that many people have seen. It’s not for everyone obviously and it’s not the type of music one listens to unless they can really get into it. But if you are able to vibe with reggae then it’s likely you might have heard of him or might want to look him up since he’s been on fire as his career has been going up and up throughout the years. The fact that he got such a young start might mean that he’s a prodigy or that he had a lot of support when he was just starting out, but as of now it means that he’s been in the game long enough to know how it goes and how to navigate his way to the top without as much effort. Thankfully though he puts everything he has into his music in order to give the people the experience they want and the music that he truly enjoys producing.

Here are a few things about Chronixx you might not have known.

10. He wrote his first song at the age of 5.

A lot of kids at this age are still learning how to read and write, but apparently he was ahead of the curve and was thinking in more abstract methods than those around him as he was already thinking about the kind of things he wanted to share with the world.

9. At this time he’s still in his 20s.

This might make him sound as though he’s still inexperienced in some ways but once you dig deeper and learn that he’s been a part of the music for so long it might make your eyes pop to think that he’s a seasoned veteran when it comes to the music industry and could possibly teach a few people that are a bit older than him a thing or two.

8. There are plenty of people on social media that are willing to follow him.

He does have a pretty big following and it’s not too surprising since his music and his personality are great enough that people are simply drawn to him and want to learn more while listening to the music he puts out now and again.

7. He’s been very experimental with his career thus far.

This seems to be a great way to go since it allows people to figure out just what they want to do with their career and what direction they want to take their own sound in. It also keeps the music a little more dynamic and allows less of a chance for it to get stale or unimaginative in any way.

6. At this point he’s more concerned about making good music than politics.

This is really what the music and acting industries need more of, people that are all about their craft and less interested in pushing their political views through what they do. It’s not a bad thing for any artist to have a political lean or view, but allowing it to taint what they do becomes a bit tiresome and can possibly cause them to lose fans if they decide to pursue a political agenda by using their craft.

5. He’s not there to educate people on what music is all about.

It’s not his job to educate people on the music he plays, nor is it his job to make sure that they know about the culture and the background it’s coming from. He recognizes that some people just want to hear good music and will play whatever strikes their ear in the most pleasing way. Too many artists want people to know everything about the culture of the music that they’re listening to it would seem, but Chronixx is just as happy if people simply listen.

4. His net worth is around $2 million.

So far everything he’s amassed has come from his music career as it’s not really known if he has anything outside of this that could or would generate any income. But being able to earn this much from singing is still impressive.

3. He started producing at the age of 15.

Chronixx has been putting it down for a while now and to think that he started so young is just mind-boggling since a lot of teens wouldn’t even think of starting a career this early, as most kids just want to have fun for a few years before they decide what to do. But obviously he never had a doubt about his future.

2. There isn’t much, if any, information on his family.

It almost sounds as though the information was omitted for a good reason, which isn’t hard to believe since keeping your loved ones in the comfort of their own privacy seems a lot more respectful.

1. He’s kept his private life pretty well hidden.

Once again, it’s no one’s business really unless he wishes it to be so. It’d be nice if more people realized this, even if it means that we don’t know that much about the person. Sometimes though it’s better to enjoy what a person can give to the world rather than invade their private life.

Check him out, his music is more than a little interesting.

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