10 Things You Didn’t Know about Twinkle Khanna

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Twinkle Khanna

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Twinkle Khanna

There was a time in her life when Twinkle Khanna was one of the most revered film actresses in all of Bollywood. She’s recognized to this day by virtually everyone, and her career is something of a beautiful situation. These days, however, she is not doing the acting thing so much as she is doing the parenting thing, and that is her number one priority in life. She is someone who might have so much talent to give, but she prefers to give her time to her children and her writing these days – she can act anytime she wants. So, who is she, and what is she like?

1. She’s in Her 40s

You never ask a woman her age, but it’s been made public knowledge for so long now that the world should already know. She was born on December 29, 1974, which makes her almost a Christmas baby and a New Year baby. We have a feeling that her birthday often felt thrown in there between two other major holidays.

2. She’s From a Line of Famous People

Admittedly, we know very little about Bollywood. It’s not what we watch regularly, and we know little about how it works, but we do know that it feels as if everyone we write about in the industry has a family member – or multiple – in the industry. This young woman has a mother and a father in the business. Dimple Kapadia and Rajesh Khanna are her mother and father.

3. She’s Married

She married her husband 20 years ago in 2001. They wed on January 17, 2001, which means they will celebrate their 21st wedding anniversary shortly in 2022. His name is Akshay Kumar, and she met him while she was working on her father’s campaign in New Dehli.

4. She Went to Prison for 30 Days

She had to turn herself into the police station, she was arrested, she was charged with her crime, and she spent 30 days in prison. What did she do, you ask? She unbuttoned one button of her husband’s pants at a fashion week show. The move was so controversial that there were official complaints made and she was arrested for it. We are in disbelief.

5. She’s the Mother of Two

She’s a mom to two. She has a son and a daughter with her husband, and she’s made it clear time and time again that they are her number one priority. While we assume that such a famous actress is no longer in the business because of her kids, we make this assumption because raising kids is often the best and most exciting job we have. However, her writing is a huge priority for her, so that’s that.

6. She’s Hilarious

The thing that makes her so likable is the fact that she is hilarious. She’s quick and witty, and she is not afraid to share her quick wit with the world. Her writing is always so entertaining and exciting, and it’s made it easy for her to find her niche on the internet and in the world of writing as a result.

7. She is an Advocate for Reading

She and her daughter both love to read, and she is quick to make jokes about her daughter’s reading. While it actually delights her that her daughter is an avid reader, she jokes that her daughter also has a mind and a mouth that go about a mile a minute – and giving her a book keeps her mind busy and her mouth quiet. As an avid reader and mother to some avid readers, I can second that one.

8. She Believes in Keeping Track of the Mind

She believes that keeping her kids in line at school and with their grades is important, but she also believes that being there to see what is going in a child’s mind is just as important. She knows that she has to look deep and make sure things seem good. She does this, and she is proud of this.

9. She Has Guilt

All moms have guilt. It’s a constant we live with, and it never goes away. Did we tell them we love them enough? Were we too harsh? Did we rush through the day or did we take the time to enjoy them? What can we improve tomorrow? Did we show enough laughter and fun today? It’s a constant battle we have in our minds, and it never ends. She has this, too. She’s a mom. She might be famous, but she’s also human.

10. People Love Her

If we had to guess what it is that people love about Twinkle Khanna, we’d guess it’s her personality. She’s lively and fun, and she is open and honest. She is not like so many people her own age and in her line of work, and that makes her come across as someone who is so much fun and so delightful.writing

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