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Ian McDonald – Steve Carrell leaving The Office
It hasn’t happened quite yet but when Steve Carrell announced that he was leaving The Office, I was certainly shocked. It will be interesting to see how his departure will be written into the show and what direction the show will take next season, but having such an important part of a great ensemble cast leave is quite a shock.

Michael Mahoney – Outsourced still hasn’t been cancelled
Seriously, how is this show still on the air? There’s bad comedy, and then there’s the lame, xenophobic attempt at heartfelt comedy that is Outsourced. I can’t quite figure out who is watching this? If you’re an avid Office fan like I am, it’s like going from a world-famous restaurant like Nobu to eating at McDonalds. Nothing but empty calories that leave you bloated and still hungry at the same time.

Michael Salerno — Outsourced
Really, my biggest surprise is that I’m actually still watching Outsourced. This show is pretty racist, finding terrible humor in the ‘strangeness’of Indian names every single episode, or the effect of Indian food on the bowels. Plus, the lead actor, Ben Rappaport, needs to go back to whatever community theater troupe he came out of because he is awful. He completely lacks sincerity in anything he does and his ignorance of his new surroundings comes off only as smarminess. I keep watching though, because of Rebecca Hazelwood and Sacha Dhawan. I find their performances to be fresh and energetic, something the rest of this show lacks terribly.

Emma Fraser – Timothy Dalton going from hapless Brit handler to big bad Alexei Volkov on Chuck
Maybe I was being a bit naive to not see this one coming, considering all the spy genre stuff I have seen but I really wasn’t expecting this twist in last week’s ‘Chuck vs The First Fight’. I think it is brilliant though as Dalton showed in this episode as well as in the film Hot Fuzz that he can balance comedy and action. I look forward to where this will take the show and I’m glad that I was surprised.

Jordan Cramer – The Walking Dead
I was really surprised by The Walking Dead. Granted it was given a’¨great deal of press and good reviews before the pilot aired, I was’¨blown away by the first few minutes and now I can’t stop talking about’¨it.

Crit Obara – Terriers
As I said, it came out of nowhere and is my favorite new show this fall. I just can’t say enough good things about it.

JT Vaughn — Nikita
Another show that might not be the best in terms of quality, but has definitely surprised me. It could’ve been a train wreck of epic proportions, but a decent cast and some fun action have made this little CW show punch above its weight.

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