10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tristen Gressett

He’s young. He’s talented, and he is clearly a rock star who is not about to deviate from his genre. He knows what he is capable of doing. He can play six instruments, write, and sing. He is nothing short of a triple threat, and that is why Tristen Gressett, the teenager from a small town in Alabama, was chosen to head to Hollywood during his American Idol audition. He might not have thought he was ready for this when he signed on, but he’s learning that he is far more ready for this than he ever imagined. Will he make it further? Will he show the world what he is made of, and will he be able to change the game from where he is standing? We think so. Read on to learn more about him.

1. He is Young

He is one of the younger contestants to audition for season 20. He is only 17, but that doesn’t mean he lacks in the talent department. Age only matters if you care to allow it to matter – and in instances of legality, of course – but he is a teenager who doesn’t bother to act like his age is a problem.

2. He Loves Rock

Rock is his thing. He’s not into anything other than being a rock star, and we do think he has what it takes to make that happen. Obviously, a few of Hollywood’s most talented musicians feel the same. They did, after all, send him to Hollywood.

3. He is a Singing Sensation Locally

In his own town of Pell City, Alabama, he’s something of a local singing sensation. He was able to win a county-wide singing competition called the Kowaliga Idol competition. He was the winner of season 13, and he is proud.

4. He is Dramatic

Not in a dramatic way, though. Well, that’s untrue. He’s a young man who loves the arts, and he participated in his high school drama club. That’s what we mean by he is dramatic. He’s a singer and an actor, and that is a double-duty situation.

5. He is a Solo Act

He’s a solo act in so many ways. He is a solo singer. He even acted in a solo production one time in high school, and he really does prefer things that way. He seems to be the kind of guy who is comfortable with what he brings to the table, so he’s not afraid to do it on his own.

6. He is a Guitar Player

He’s been playing since he was only 14. Which, we do realize, sounds a little silly to say ‘since he was only’ when he’s currently only 17 and it’s been three years. However, how many kids do you know to play the guitar at that age? This is what we mean.

7. He Has Big Idols

Do they get any bigger than the likes of Michael Jackson and Jimi Hendrix? We don’t think they do, but they are his idols. He chose wisely, of course, and he also has a lot to offer if he is going to end up being like either of them. He’s quite talented.

8. He is Not Single

No good rock star is, am I right? He’s a taken young man. His girlfriend goes by the name Leah, and it’s been reported she also has some hobbies of her own. She’s very much into another version of the arts. She is a budding photographer, and it seems she might have quite a bit of talent.

9. He Wasn’t Going to Audition

What’s interesting about this young man is that he wasn’t interested in auditioning for the show. He really didn’t think he was ready for something like this, but he ultimately decided there is no time like the present to be ready for something – and he gave his luck a shot. It worked. He made it to Hollywood, and the world is excited to see how much further he can go.

10. He Writes

Something he has going for him is that he is a writer, too. He writes songs, and that helps him with his musical talents. Being able to dictate what is on his mind and in his heart has been such a gift to him, and he’s been able to channel that into his passion. We can see it working for him in so many ways, but this is a situation that will really work well for him the further he makes it onto the show.

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