The Top Uses of Randy Travis Songs in Movies or TV

For a while it seemed like Randy Travis, whose given name is Randy Bruce Traywick, was on top of the world when it came to singing country songs. He was one of the hottest performers to come up during his era and was actively encouraged by his family to keep his musical talents flowing. The only trouble was that around the mid-90’s he started to see a serious decline in his popularity so he changed recording studios in an attempt to regain a bit of that thunder. Unfortunately he only made one big hit when he switched his style over to gospel, and didn’t really see a rise in his career for a while after that. He got into acting after a while and was featured in several movies as well as a few TV shows.

He’s still a name to remember, but his fame has kind of waned throughout the years.

5. American Idol-I Told You So

When you think of American Idol you tend to think of the contestants that are trying to make their way into the music industry, not those who have already made it. Of course since Carrie Underwood did in fact come from American Idol this makes sense to have another personality on the show with her to make things a little more interesting.

4. Black Dog-My Greatest Fear

This was one of the several movies that Travis costarred in when he was attempting to make his mark in another venue. He’s not the greatest actor in the world but at the very least he knows how to make his lines work and is somewhat believable so it’s possible that he would have been cut out for film and TV if he’d really gone that way. It’s always good to have a backup plan.

3. Sesame Street-You Gotta Ask Some Questions

Guest-starring on Sesame Street has been a long-time bump in the career of many stars in the music and movie industries since it offers them a chance to appeal to another demographic and show that they are willing to cater to another age level that might be far different than what they’re used to. For some people it’s a big step up, while for others it’s kind of a lateral move that doesn’t hurt but doesn’t move them ahead that much either.

2. Hey Arnold!-The Simple Things

Songs don’t always have to be sung in a particularly good voice to be useful as this clip seems about to prove. But then Travis takes over and you become enchanted with his voice all over again. This was another of his TV performances that was used in order to help him branch out and become desirable as a musician to a different age group.

1. Josh Turner and Randy Travis-King of the Road

When you want the best representation the best place to turn to is the artist themselves.  No other clip can give you the essence of that person any better than a clip of them singing one of their own songs. Despite his dip in popularity Randy Travis is still a great star and has amazing talent.

His career might take an upswing again.

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