The Five Best Maren Morris Songs of Her Career

It wouldn’t be fair to call Maren Morris a one-hit wonder since she’s come out with more songs that a lot of people know about but that might not have been on everyone’s lips throughout her career so far. Right now The Middle is perhaps one of the tracks that she’s known best for since it’s been played so often, though in truth she has a lot of other great songs that deserve the same kind of attention. If based on just that song someone was told that she was a country music singer it might be deduced that she either liked to skip between genres or was undecided, but she’s classified as a country music singer, and at this time it would seem that the genre is on an upswing since so many artists from that genre seem to be trending at the moment. That of course is the nature of the industry, as one genre rises another kind of simmers off to the side, waiting its turn.

For now though, here are five of Marin’s best songs from her career.

5. I Could Use A Love Song

There’s something about love songs that take a person back in the day to when they remembered things differently, when life was simple in its own way and they could think about things in a much different manner. Love is like many things, it does fade and chip over time unless it’s maintained and kept fresh and vibrant like anything else. Compromises that we didn’t see coming, chances that we wish we would have taken, and the roads we didn’t travel come back to haunt us from time to time. Love is the one thing that binds people in a way that makes it possible to go in any direction without regrets.

4. Seeing Blind

It sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it? Seeing blind is something you don’t normally think of as being a literal statement that would make a lot of sense. But in truth it’s all about the faith we have in one another that allows us to see but not see at the same time. We allow the iniquities of being human to fall away when we find the right person, the one that lights us up in a way that we can’t full describe and fills us up in a way that makes us completely satisfied with a look. Humanity is its own worst enemy at times, but now and again we’re our only saving grace as well, as we belong with each other.

3. Rich

Why do we gravitate towards people that aren’t good for us? It’s a question that’s been asked more than once in the history of mankind, why people tend to make their way towards those that they desire but are no good for them. It’s a sense of adventure, of freedom from the rules and scriptures that society attempts to pin us down with, but at the same it’s a walk on the wild side that calls to a lot of people in a way that’s simply too tempting to resist. For all that people try to say no to the life that they know will ruin them one day they still go coasting back towards it, knowing fully well that if they stayed away they would be better off.

2. My Church

Ever notice that the church that we ascribe to isn’t always the church that people feel the most comfortable in? The church we know and have been raised to revere throughout our lives is a building no matter where it sits, a thing of wood, stone, brick and mortar. The church that a lot of us feel strongly about is the place that has no set place, no set destination, and exists within us in a manner that’s not to be bound or quantified. The church that a lot of us love most of all is the place that we’re the most comfortable, the location that we don’t know about but know is most comforting in our time of need.

1. The Middle

Right now this is the song that Maren is probably known for the most since like I said above it’s the one that’s been played so often on the radio and has been saturating the ears of the public for a while. It’s a good song to be honest but it’s also one of those that needs to be given a rest now and again so that it can be touted out when the time is right to let people love it again and praise her singing since she is a talented woman that knows how to grab the attention of the audience and keep it. There’s no doubt she’s much more than a one-hit wonder, and hopefully she’ll continue to wow people as her career moves forward.

Can I get hallelujah?

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