The Best Uses of Breaking Benjamin Songs in Movies or TV

Just think, without the breaking of a mic on stage the band might never have gotten its name. In truth Breaking Benjamin is a solid band that has a decent reputation, but as happens with many groups that don’t always get the solid push they need to stay ahead of the competition they’ve been seen as kind of a middling band for a little while despite the fact that they can get out and perform just like anyone else and put on a great show. That they’ve been kind of overlooked a time or two isn’t hard to see, but the fact that they have a solid fanbase and are able to be recognized by so many is a testament to the fact that they are a popular and hard-hitting band. The sound that they produce is something that gets the adrenaline coursing and is also something that makes a great addition to many a soundtrack.

Here are some of their songs as heard in TV and movies.

5. Surrogates – I Will Not Bow

It’s either appalling or amazing how movies are starting to tell the future in some ways. In this film people have ceased going outside and instead resort to using surrogates, something that was initially being used to help those who were handicapped or otherwise incapacitated and couldn’t experience the world in their own body. Unfortunately someone is targeting surrogates and is killing their hosts as well with a specialized weapon. When Tom seeks out the killer he realizes that he has to shut the surrogates down eventually in order to stop the machinations of the person pulling the strings.

4. Smallville – Until the End

There was more than one origin story that came out of Smallville but a lot of people were only interested in the one since of course that one was the beginning of Superman, who’s been the end-all of superheroes for many a year. Well maybe not the end-all, but certainly a figure that’s gained a great deal of attention for being able to take on just about anyone. One thing that this show made us remember was that for all the power he gained and as awesome as he became, Superman was still a kid at one point and just as awkward and uncertain of himself as anyone since he grew up in a human environment.

3. Halo 2 – Blow Me Away

It might seem like video game blasphemy to cut everything down to size when it comes to description, but Halo 2 picks up where the first game left off by taking a look at the Covenant as they first berate one of their top officers and then send a fleet to earth to try and invade the planet. Master Chief and his allies repel the attack and then go on the offensive as they look to take out another Halo installation and possibly keep the Covenant on the run. As far as games go this series has been one of those that a lot of people have been willing to stick with and idolize, but it is in fact another alien vs. humans tale, and one that many players are hooked on.

2. Step Up 2: The Streets – Diary of Jane

The only thing that seems wrong with the streets when it comes to dancing is that there isn’t as much discipline, it’s all a matter of emotion and throwing yourself into the movements by feel and by habit. Of course the more formal style can feel stiff, stodgy, and reluctant to change. That’s when it takes both styles to bring something together that’s neither and both at the same time, a blending of styles that makes something stronger and more versatile than either one could ever be on their own. Dancing is something you feel and something you allow to flow through you, it’s not meant to be bound up by just one style.

1. Wrong Turn – Wish I May

Any movie that’s set in the back woods has a chance to turn into something either extremely funny or extremely horrifying. You can guess which one this is since the presence of inbred, murderous hillbillies kind of gives it away. Not only are they ugly, rank, and have their own strange, garbled language, but they’re just hard to kill as well. It takes so much to put one of them down that by the end of the film it’s amazing that a single person was left standing. One guy took an ax in his chest, another was run over by a vehicle, and one had an arrow stuck in the back of his head. And yet they were still getting up and moving. There are times when it’s just best to run and keep running.

Breaking Benjamin is a popular band without a doubt, but they seem to get overlooked at times.

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