The Internet Discovers Steve Bannon and James Murphy From LCD Soundsystem Look Alike

I couldn’t figure out if I should put this article into the “politics” or “music” sections.  I went with music because there’s an actual music video at the end of the text.  I feel kind of bad for James Murphy right now.  For those that don’t know Murphy he’s part of the band LCD Soundsystem which is gaining popularity around the music world.   They are considered to be one of the better bands in the modern era of music.  However, I think Murphy may have woken up today a little somber.

The internet has been on a rampage comparing his looks to none other than Steven Bannon, the man everyone is calling a Nazi and the man essentially controlling Donald Trump’s policies right now.  Bannon was appointed to the National Security Council (he is currently Trump’s chief strategist) and both Democrats and Republicans have been angling for his dismissal.

My guess is that Murphy is upset at this revelation and Bannon’s like “man, this is kind of cool.”  Bannon is known for his particularly unkempt face which has prompted plenty of memes.  It’s very uncharacteristic of someone in politics to be as “casual” as Bannon.  For Murphy it’s completely normal.

In any event, for Murphy’s sake, let’s hope the internet flak dies down.  In the meantime he’s a pretty good LCD Soundsystem video.

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