The Five Best Iggy Azalea Songs of All-Time

The Five Best Iggy Azalea Songs of All-Time

There’s been a lot of things said about Iggy Azalea since she hit the music scene and sadly some of them focus on her accent and her music when she’s singing, as some have claimed that the accent she uses to rap with is another version of blackface. As ignorant and insane as this sounds it’s still managed to taint her career just enough to make things a bit difficult throughout the last few years. Her fame and reputation haven’t taken such a huge hit however that she’s been deemed as the worst artist around, as many upon many people are willing to listen to her and still claim her as one of their favorites. She’s been given a lot of support within the industry as well and at this point it would seem that her popularity is still holding steady if it’s not on the rise. It doesn’t seem to take much for people to get up in arms against a musician.

Here are some of her best songs to date.

5. Pretty Girls

According to Erin Strecker from Billboard this song drew a bit of flack from fans for not being one of the best that Azalea had to offer, though from a visual standpoint, and when coupled with the music it’s actually kind of amusing. But when it was deemed to be anything but a hit Azalea reportedly threw Brittney under the bus so to speak by claiming that she had no control over what happened in the video and therefore couldn’t be blamed for how it was received. To be honest that’s the kind of remark that really rubs people the wrong way since it was a team effort, and as a result both artists need to show up when it comes time to take the blame, not just the praise.

4. Beg For It

James Grebey likens this song to a cross between Fancy and Black Widow and he does have kind of a point if you really listen closely. But overall it becomes its own song though there are moments when it seems as though it might lead into a very familiar tune. That being said it’s definitely something that moves forward of its own volition and doesn’t stop to pay attention to anyone that can’t keep up. Iggy has a style that’s somewhat forceful and melodic all at the same time and then rough as can be when she gets into the rapping portion of the song. In many ways it seems that she’s an acquired taste, someone you listen to because you’ve become used to her.

3. Team

Something about the beats that she uses make it obvious that she’s going for an aggressive feel with her songs, as though she wants you to know that she’s coming out strong and isn’t going to be stopped no matter who stands in her way or who says what. That kind of aggressive and forceful punch to a song is something that’s really appreciated by a lot of people, but might make some think twice or perhaps even look at her in a different manner. This whole rebellious attitude that she seems to affect at times is something we’ve seen in the past and as a rule rebellion seems to always need to grow stronger and more obvious with each generation. It’s a pretty good song though.

2. Fancy

It’s not surprising at all to learn that this song hit the Hot 100 since people were singing it left and right and it was heard everywhere you went. But the whole Clueless act in the video helped it along quite a bit as well since people somehow hold onto the idea the Clueless was one of the greatest 90s movies ever made. To each their own when it comes to that, but this song was one of her biggest and still seems to be to this day, though she’s gone on to have quite a career and produce other songs that have been just as loved. The tone of her songs is definitely fierce and unapologetic, but there’s also a note of empowerment in there that some people still miss.

1. Black Widow

If you thought it was amusing to see Michael Madsen followed by the whole Kill Bill motif then you weren’t the only one since quite honestly it’s one of the most loved films ever made, even if some folks tend to disagree. This video and the song are a lot of fun that doesn’t require a whole lot of thought. Of course the whole idea that it’s a dream sequence kind of kills it, but hey, it was fun while it lasted, and all in all it’s still an interesting video.

Whatever issues people might have with her, Iggy is still a talented artist and entertaining enough to keep watching.

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