The Top Five Amy Grant Songs of All-Time

The Top Five Amy Grant Songs of All-Time

It’d be interesting to know how many people really knew that Amy Grant was a Christian pop singer and not JUST a pop singer. There are those times when one listens to a song and just can’t tell if it’s Christian music or not since the lyrics are so similar aside from when God is mentioned or His teachings come into play. But throughout her career she’s made no effort to hide the fact and has also expanded her fan base at one point by breaking into pop singing and becoming one of the biggest names in the industry. During the 80s and 90s her rise in the Christian pop scene was tremendous, enough so that she dropped out of college to go full-time with her singing career. It’s kind of lamentable that anyone would give up on their education, but if it leads to something that can allow them the chance to do what they love and eventually become successful then at least there’s a purpose behind it.

Here are some of her best songs.

5. Takes A Little Time

This was a popular song during its time for a couple of reasons. For one, it’s easy to sing along to and really get into, and it’s also the type of song that fosters hope in those that might otherwise be waiting for a miracle to happen but can’t yet see what they might be waiting for. Life isn’t moving by at a crawl, but it’s also not moving ahead so fast that we can’t stop to see just what might be worth taking a look at sometimes. If you want something good in your life then it’s usually worth waiting for so long as you’re willing to perform the work that’s needed to make it happen. Waiting is after all necessary for the good things in life.

4. I Will Remember You

The memory of the world is a lot longer than ours, and you can imagine that this world has seen countless individuals come and go throughout its long history, absorbing one memory after another and allowing it to move along the unseen currents that some can feel and some simply disregard. In the human scope however our memories tend to narrow and focus upon those in our lives that make a difference, and those in whose lives we’ve made a difference. The memories we carry with us are those that make us who we are and create the overall experience of humanity that might otherwise fade away if human beings weren’t bound to remember one another.

3. Every Heartbeat

It’s amazing how people meet and how they get together. Even more amazing is how some people stay together since the scope of humanity indicates that we’re meant to be together, but there’s not manual that’s given out when we start to realize just what it means to be attracted to another person. It’s something we feel and something that is able to bind us in ways that we don’t understand but can feel in ways that are hard to move past once they touch upon our senses. Once a person feels that way about another it becomes a pull upon our senses that is hard to fight against, especially considering that the heart wants with a ferocity that makes it difficult to resist.

2. That’s What Love Is For

Love is a seriously complicated thing sometimes, and yet it’s supposed to be as simple as anything else in this world. It’s one of the strongest forces in this world due to the strength it gives others, the power that it lends to those that need belief, and yet it can be turned into something else that’s far too difficult to deal with, a pain that burns and crushes all at once. This is the complexity of humanity however, the increasing belief that it’s all or nothing with each turn that’s taken in the course of gaining, keeping, and maintaining love. The force itself isn’t all that hard to figure out, it’s the people that try to do something with it that increase or erase the difficulty.

1. Baby, Baby

A lot of Amy’s songs are just a lot of fun as well as entertaining in the way that they’re constructed. Obviously she’s a big believer in the power of love, as well as the properties it carries with it to alter the lives of those that are willing to embrace its many tenets. You could call her a dreamer, an optimist, or even a bit naive since she loves to expound on just how much love seems to solve a great number of issues in life. Whatever you say about it, the truth is that she’s an uplifting voice that a lot of people love to listen to.

There’s nothing wrong with being optimistic after all.

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