Miley Cyrus: Top 5 Songs from Movies and TV Shows

Miley Cyrus: Top 5 Songs from Movies and TV Shows

Miley Cyrus: Top 5 Songs from Movies and TV Shows

It has been six years since Miley Cyrus shocked the world with her VMA performance, as Randee Dawn of Today wrote about, and the dust seems to have settled. While her actions were undoubtedly controversial, Miley’s undeniable talent as a singer and performer has remained consistent throughout her career. Despite some questionable decisions and polarizing statements, her music continues to resonate with fans. Let’s take a look at five of Miley’s best songs from movies and TV shows.

5. Bridge to Terabithia – I Learned From You

The magic of childhood is a theme that resonates with many, and Bridge to Terabithia captures this sentiment beautifully. Although the film didn’t perform exceptionally well at the box office, it remains a heartwarming family movie that emphasizes the importance of friendship. Miley’s song “I Learned From You” perfectly encapsulates the film’s message.

4. Bolt – I Thought I Lost You

Over a decade ago, Karen Warner of Newsday reported that Miley would perform a duet with John Travolta for the animated film Bolt. While the movie didn’t achieve long-lasting classic status, it remains an entertaining story about a dog who believes he’s a superhero. Miley’s song “I Thought I Lost You” adds an emotional layer to the film’s narrative.

3. American Idol – The Climb

Miley’s songs have been a popular choice for aspiring singers on American Idol, showcasing her impact on the music industry. Her inspiring tracks, such as “The Climb,” have touched the lives of many, solidifying her status as a musical legend.

2. Lip Sync Battle – Wrecking Ball

Anne Hathaway’s performance of “Wrecking Ball” on Lip Sync Battle is a testament to Miley’s influence on pop culture. Hathaway went all out to capture the essence of the song, even riding a wrecking ball and giving a one-finger salute to Emily Blunt. The show’s lighthearted nature allows celebrities to have fun while paying homage to iconic songs like Miley’s.

1. Black Mirror – Head Like a Hole

Miley’s appearance on Black Mirror, where she performed a cover of Nine Inch Nails’ “Head Like a Hole,” sparked discussions about her career trajectory. Whether she staged a comeback or simply reworked her image, Miley’s loyal fans continue to support her. One thing is for sure: her future endeavors will always be met with anticipation and curiosity.

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