Jeff Lynne and ELO to Tour for the First Time in 35 Years

It’s been awhile since people got to see ELO live, all the way back in 1981 to be exact. That’s a good thirty-six years now since they were on tour and the people that have followed and continued to listen to them are going to be excited since it’s been announced that Jeff Lynne and his group will be touring as of 2018 near the end of the summer. The first concert is to be held August 2nd and will kick off in Oakland, CA. This tour will begin in California and move steadily east towards Pennsylvania and New York, as well as Ontario.  Tickets will be going on sale as early as the 17th of November.

If you recall correctly ELO disbanded five years after their final concert. Fans weren’t outraged or even shocked, but they were certainly disappointed that one of their favorite groups had gone their separate ways. The brilliance that ELO came out with was something that a lot of people thought had some serious staying power, but obviously things just weren’t as kosher as some thought. They weren’t together all that long compared to many other bands, but it’s pleasing to hear that they’ll be making a return to the stage in an effort to have at least one more tour.

Every band has at least one more good performance in them, or so it’s been said. While ELO was magic on the stage it’s easy to assume that after a while the life of a musician can wear anyone down. It’s not a life that’s spent doing absolutely nothing but singing and playing an instrument for a bunch of adoring fans. There’s life on the road, moving from place to place constantly, and having to keep one’s reputation up so as to keep people interested and coming back for more. Thankfully ELO’s music did just that and kept people wanting to see them again and again.

So far as it’s been reported this will be a one and done tour that will give people another chance to see ELO in person, but there’s no telling what could come after. It would seem that everything is being kept fairly close to the vest at the moment, but the mere fact that it’s happening should be enough to excuse the lack of information right now. People should just be pleased enough that ELO is making a run at another tour.

Many artists that go away for more than a decade or two don’t even bother coming back unless they had a sound that was something special when they were still popular. The likelihood of making a comeback after so many years is slim enough that many people would rather find another option to employ rather than go down a road they know is littered with a great many pitfalls that could crop up at any time. But if artists do have that sound and they know people want them back then it’s definitely worth taking another trip and giving the people what they want.

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