Check Out The Beastie Boys “So What’cha Want” Featuring The Muppets

Check Out The Beastie Boys “So What’cha Want” Featuring The Muppets

What'cha Want

First I’ve got to stop laughing so I can continue typing, and when that’s finally possible let me say how awesome this is since I’m a Beastie Boys and Muppets fan, Animal in particular. Chef and Beaker are awesome as well but Animal has been a personal favorite for a long time simply because he’s crazy and so out there that this seems like something that’s right up his alley. When compared to the rest of the Muppets with their own emotions and issues that are constantly being pushed, Animal is a much simpler character in that he has motivations that are easy to figure out and aren’t bound to be anything other than the most basic and simplistic needs and wants a person can imagine. He’s inclusive as a character, doesn’t really discriminate against anyone, and is just there to have a good time and enjoy everyone’s company. He gets frustrated and shows emotion at times but throughout a lot of episodes he’s just nuts, the kind of character that is out to roll with whatever life can give him and not worry too much about anything since he’ll figure it out somehow. That seems like a long, flowery explanation of the character but calling him crazy and out there seems a little too simple.

This video couldn’t have been performed any better by any of the other characters in my opinion since the supportive and outlying characters from the Muppets are sometimes among the best of them all since they don’t have entirely complex emotions or back stories that continually have to be pushed and they can just be loose and free in whatever they do. Beaker might have more of a back story than all that but his whole story seems wrapped up with Bunsen, meaning that he’s always been a supporting character and might never get out of that role. Chef is stuck as a side character, an outlier that likely never rise any higher in the Muppet hierarchy since he’s not in a bad position at the time being. Sometimes being an outlier is a lot better for the Muppets since it allows a little more freedom of character and it doesn’t require nearly as much development to be popular. Consider characters such as Kermit, Fozzy, Miss Piggy, and a few others. They have to be extraordinarily detailed and well-thought out in order to work since they’ve been the face of the Muppets for a very long time. Any attempt to change them up or alter them in any way is going to be immediately noticed, which means that the fans could be unhappy or unsure as to how they should react.

Animal can be called a main character but he’s also one of the craziest of the bunch and as such has a lot more freedom with what he can do and how his story evolves. It has to say within the boundaries of the show of course but it’s also a lot more versatile than the others since let’s face it, being crazy means you’re not bound to one set of rules that society deems you have to follow. At least that’s the feeling one gets. Animal though has a lot of personal freedom when it comes to what he can do and how he can react to any given situation. That’s why he’s one of the most perfect characters for this video since the Beastie Boys’ older tracks aren’t always calm and reasonable in their sound or their message and this song is one of their personal best. So Whatcha Want? was released in 1992 and to be honest as great as it was then and is now it was still kind of lost amidst a lot of their other songs that went on to be insanely popular after a while. The Beastie Boys of course disbanded to the disappointment of a lot of fans not all that long ago, but the passing of a couple of band members made it a little hard to think that things would keep going the way they were since a good part of the verve was long after their loss.

The memory of the Beastie Boys is still insanely strong however since their songs have seen continual use and play throughout pop culture and have been seen to enhance or even create the kind of buzz that people are interested in. Whether you watched Star Trek: Beyond or not the effect that their song Sabotage had in the movie was highly amusing and even rather powerful despite the fact that it was deemed classical music. The Beastie Boys are still a group that lives on in music history and continues to be celebrated in videos like the one above since they’re worth the effort and are definitely worth remembering.

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