Creep by Radiohead but Using Google Autocomplete Results

I’ll agree with third line from the second and fourth stanzas, ‘what the hell did I just read’, since Google’s autocomplete is great at times but there are times when one has to wonder just how many different variations are there for a few words that have been typed in and how many different ways can one word the same line so that Google will pick it up in different ways. Seriously, that was pretty funny but it also makes a person wonder just what in the world possessed someone to do this, other than the fact that they were bored. If anyone remembers, Creep by Radiohead was a very popular song at one point and it’s still worth listening to for nostalgic reasons since it’s a decent song that can be used to just sit and chill to. There might be a lot of individuals however that would listen to this and possibly think about what other songs might be altered by putting their lyrics into Google to see what might come out. The autocomplete idea is actually pretty nice when one thinks about it since it does eliminate the need to remember the exact thing that one is looking for, but then again if one isn’t been that specific then Google is bound to come up with just about anything that could possibly fit the meager description that is given.

The old question ‘what did we do before we had Google?’ is one that is applied to many elements of technology since it’s a fair question given that those that were born into the technological age would have to read a book or an online history report of what actually DID do back then. Those that were born before the internet came about won’t ever know what it’s like to not have it in the world since it’s been here for quite some time. Those of us that remember the days when we couldn’t sit down to the computer and type out a simple search however might remember such things as libraries, the Dewey decimal system, encyclopedias, and various other reference tools that were a little harder to find and required more of an effort to use, but were just as good most times since they still coincided with the world as we knew it. Google changed the game in a big way when it came long, and before that the internet changed everything since it brought a world of knowledge to the fingertips of those that weren’t fully ready for it but learned all the same how to access the world around them in an entirely different way.

Now we can learn about things and people from around the world without ever leaving our home, and in fact a lot of people might never leave the house since just about anything and everything can be delivered after placing an order online these days. In terms of music one doesn’t even need to go out searching for new bands or hit the concert scene, unless they’re wanting that authentic experience, to find a new sound. At this point just about everything that many of us that predate the internet knew and loved is considered to be outdated. The 8-track, the record, the cassette tape, and even the CD are all considered old news, though many people still purchase them, well maybe not the 8-track, which is likely more nostalgic than many items. But music in this day and age is definitely different than it’s ever been, especially in terms of how it can be found on the internet. This attempt at making something unique however is just another way to describe how Google and the music industry have come together in a big way and created something that doesn’t make a lot of sense but isn’t really supposed to as it’s just something done for fun. It also shows just how much things have changed since had this come out decades ago, had it been possible, then people would have either been thinking that the artist had gone insane or that they were some sort of misguided genius.

In the simplest terms, Google became a worldwide phenomenon back in 1998 and was created in a person’s garage, that’s how simple it used to be and it’s likely that a lot of people don’t have the slightest clue about it. Brian O’Connell of The Street can give you more on this. Why? That’s also simple, because it works and that’s all they want to know. Typing in the search bar to find what they want, people will focus forward, they won’t think about the why and how of it, they’ll just think about the results and how it can work for them. There’s nothing wrong with that to be fair, but for those of us that were around and saw Google rise to what it is now, it’s interesting to think that it’s gone so far in just a little over two decades.

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