The Best Uses of The Killers Songs in Movies or TV

The Best Uses of The Killers Songs in Movies or TV

If not for the persistence of frontman Brandon Flowers the Killers might not have become the band they are today since honestly he was kicked out of his first band. But after watching an Oasis concert he was bound and determined to keep on as a musician and from that moment on he was focused on creating a band with their own sound that would eventually become something that people would enjoy listening. The Killers are a band that a lot of people would agree is something special and are entirely focused on their music but they also seem to be an acquired taste just like any other group. What this means is that they’re not so universally loved that everyone and anyone will find them appealing, but they do have a rather large fan base and successful track record that it’s obvious that people have responded to them in a positive way.

Here are just a few songs of theirs that have been featured in TV and movies.

5. Live on Letterman – Runaways

There are some people that never realized that Letterman had musical guests on his show, which is kind of silly really since a lot of late night hosts made use of the stage that was primarily for musical guests. But in order to even get onto these shows bands or musicians had to be someone that was known and someone that could bring some sort of appeal to the show, so it’s fair to say that just anyone couldn’t get on. The Killers have been around long enough by now that they’re a well-respected and very well-received band that a lot of people appreciate seeing in any venue, especially if it’s live.

4. Smallville – Good Night, Travel Well

Let’s be completely honest, the story of Superman still has a lot of gaps in it that are a result of lack of time and development since not every minute can be accounted for when we’re talking about a hero’s life. Smallville was an attempt to bridge his teenage years to his adult life since in the movies his younger years were kind of glossed over without any real hint of how he came to be the person he was or how he came to control his abilities so well. Man of Steel tried to accomplish that but only went with broad strokes that some people accepted and others kind of shrugged their shoulders over.

3.Spider-Man 3 – Move Away

One thing you can credit Spider-Man 3 for is the fact that it brought two of Spidey’s most well-recognized villains to the big screen finally, even if they weren’t quite the images that we were thinking of. Sandman was actually fairly well done since the guy is a walking sand sculpture that can form his body into whatever he needs it to be, while Venom was a psychopathic villain with a serious hate on for Peter Parker. In fact the only thing that might have made it better would have been if someone other than Topher Grace would have played Eddie Brock. He’s not a bad actor, it’s just that he’s not exactly the right person for Venom.

2. The Holiday – Mr. Brightside

Needing to get away from your own life and the home that reminds you of it every single day isn’t a new idea, but when two women decide to swap residences it’s one of the best ideas in the world, at least in theory. The fact that both of them meet someone and fall in love, or at least find someone that they can easily relate to, is one of the perks, but the idea of having to go home isn’t always the greatest feeling since it almost feels like a loss that you can’t bear. But in the end both women find something that they’d been missing in their lives, the respect they want and the comfort they deserved.

1. Friday Night Lights – Read My Mind

There are some places in this nation where you just don’t question the sanctity of football. It’s a way of life in some areas that is everything to those that play the game, and is the end of the road or the path to a new beginning depending on a person’s attitude about the game. The seriousness with which this game is played is often a very humbling thing for those that undergo the training and the intense competition that is brought to the field each and every game. Some fold under such pressure, others focus, but the one thing that unites them is that they leave everything out on the field, no matter how hard they have to go to finally show what they’re made of.

The Killers might never have been a band if not the sheer tenacity of their frontman, and that says a lot about his belief in what he’s been doing for so long.

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