The Best Uses of Whitesnake Songs in Movies or TV

Whitesnake has been around since the late 70s and while they’ve undergone a lineup change more than once during that time and even taken a break from one another now and again there’s still been a high demand for the band as they managed to produce a few of the most iconic songs that people still listen to. Honestly, finding a lot of their songs being used in movies and TV has been kind of difficult since there are only a couple of songs that people seem to love and listen to on a regular basis. Whitesnake fans would no doubt disagree since they probably tend to listen to entire albums now and again or all the time. As one of the big hair bands however the group was among those that people talked about most and have enjoyed going to see in concert throughout the years.

Here are at least a couple of their songs as seen on TV and in movies.

5. St. Helens Police Department Lip Sync Battle – Here I Go Again

Anyone recall how various police departments have been having a lip sync battle online with one another in the past year or so? Some of them are downright dreadful as the officers do their best but are still, well, lacking for want of a better word when it comes to talent. But most of them were pretty amusing and did offer a few laughs that were harmless since it was something new to see officers doing. With all the hate and distrust that’s been thrown towards the police these days this was a nice attempt to show their more positive and fun-loving side, though you have to wonder how many people responded to it.

4. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Here I Go Again

A lot of guys can possibly recall a lot of stupid things they’ve done in order to impress a woman, and putting incendiary devices on your pants and jacket is possibly up there towards the middle area of where real crazy lies. But jumping from the top of a building onto three large mattresses and hoping that you won’t just bounce off and land on the nearby street is the kind of ridiculous behavior that someone who really doesn’t understand the laws of physics would attempt. And sure enough, the moment he hits the mattresses he goes bouncing up and off and lands in the street with a bone-jarring thud. Who knew?

3. Bad Teacher – Still of the Night

How many of us have been lucky enough to have teachers like this? Show of hands? No one? Oh there’s probably a few people out there that can make such a claim, but fewer still that could say that their teacher would ever do something like this since it would possibly mean termination one way or another considering the political landscape and the easily offended individuals that populate the country these days. The young boys certainly wouldn’t object and it’s a safe bet that a lot of women wouldn’t object either as they’d be joining in at staring even as they wrote their protest signs about body-shaming.

2. Old School – Here I Go Again

It’s a marvel that people think Will Ferrell is such a great comedian since the best work he ever does is when he’s surrounded by other comedians that help to lift him up and bolster his efforts. In many ways he’s like the mixer in a cocktail, not all that great on his own but passable until you add the liquor. Then he’s absolutely unstoppable since Frank the Tank was one of the best parts of this movie and it was because he got to go crazy but was reeled in occasionally by his buddies that were much calmer and more composed. Will is good, there’s no doubt he’s good, but great is something that needs to be seen from a different perspective.

1. The Fighter – Here I Go Again

You have to think that if a movie was going to be exactly like the real story that it was based on that a lot of people wouldn’t go to see it since the pace of life is a little too boring at times. But in the case of Mickey Ward a lot of this movie did get re-created accurately and one of the actual people that had lived the story was acting in the film. Mickey Ward was kind of a victim of his family for a while as their negligence and insistence on building up his brother at his expense really hurt his career for a while, at least in the movie. But once things turned around and Dickie was in his corner things started turning around and he finally got to where he needed to be, with a title firmly around his waist.

Here I go, again on my own. Goin’ down the only road I’ve ever known.

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