The Best Uses of Train Songs in Movies or TV

The Best Uses of Train Songs in Movies or TV

If you can remember when Train started getting big you might have been in middle or high school and you are officially getting old. Just kidding, but the band did form in 1993, the original band, and were around for a while before the lineup changed and their sound changed just a bit with it. For all that however they’ve kept a very dedicated fanbase and managed to continue racking up points with those that listen to them since they are an impressive bunch and tend to produce songs that are amusing and inspiring to listen to. Throughout their history they’ve been sung by millions of people just on an everyday basis and have been featured in various bits of pop culture here and there that might not make the lists but are certainly representations of how they’ve become a part of popular media.

Here are a few songs that have been featured in TV and movies.

5. Spider-Man 2 – Ordinary

Some say this would be the most forgettable of the Spider-Man movies but honestly it’s one of the more impressive ones since Doc Ock has always been one of Spidey’s most infamous and dangerous villains. Not only is he super-intelligent, but those added arms make him a real threat since they’re semi-sentient in the film and are quite murderous since the doctor starts out as a good guy but becomes completely unhinged as the movie rolls on. Of course it doesn’t really help that by the end of the movie he’s sacrificed himself and destroyed any chance of a comeback. But now that Spider-Man’s a part of the MCU it’s possible that anything could happen, right?

4. Favorite Movie Kisses Clip – Drops of Jupiter

I just couldn’t pass up on this one since movie kisses are always such great drama and in some cases are simply tension breakers that tend to move the story along and give a nice bit of a twist to any tale that might otherwise be slowing down just a tad too much. The movie kiss is something you don’t generally take for granted since a kiss might be just a kiss, but in the movies it’s usually something that carries more meaning than anything else. Such a bond that’s formed after a kiss, even one that’s quick and fleeting, is something you don’t just ignore because it could become something entirely different later.

3. Lip Sync Battle – 50 Ways to Say Goodbye

A few of the cast members from Stranger Things got to be on the show competing against one another as they went through their sets, doing a good job too. Once the first season was out and people had watched it in its entirety every one of the folks on the cast were instant stars for a while. It seems safe to say that such instant fame has kind of cooled off in some regards, but once season three comes around you just know that they’re going to be back in the media full force and possibly doing shows like this again. But then again we’ll have to see how season three goes first, as it still remains to be seen just what’s going to happen.

2. Friends With Benefits – Hey Soul Sister

Being friends with benefits might work for some people, but, well, it doesn’t really. Once you have a connection with someone it’s hard to turn that part of your brain off, and treating it like part of a business transaction isn’t the best idea either. Human beings aren’t really meant to just hit it and quit it as much as they want no matter what anyone tells you. For all our faults, and there many upon many that can be listed, the human heart grows close to a person when they have an intimate relationship of some sort with one another. The only trick is finding that one person that it feels right with so that it can be something real.

1. Abduction – To Be Loved

This film feels like it didn’t get enough attention since it is action-packed and does have a compelling story. Unfortunately Taylor Lautner’s star kind of started dimming the moment he took on a project that wasn’t part of the Twilight series. He’s not bad actor honestly and does a pretty good job in this film as he discovers that he’s a missing child and that his parents are his protectors, not his parents. From that point it’s a matter of outrunning people that want to kill him in order to obtain a list that his real father stole containing the names of several corrupt CIA agents. In the end he not only helps to eliminate many of the bad guys but gets to speak with his father one last time.

Train has been a big part of pop culture throughout the last couple of decades.

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