The Best Uses of Andrea Bocelli Songs in Movies or TV

The Best Uses of Andrea Bocelli Songs in Movies or TV

It’s not too hard to believe that before he was born, the doctors advised Andrea Bocelli’s parents that he should be aborted as it was evident that he would be born with at least one very noticeable birth defect. They thankfully had him anyway but his sight was extremely hindered as he grew up, and by the time he was a teenager an accident incurred while playing goalkeeper during a soccer game put the lights out for good. Despite that however he had music to fall back on to comfort him and by the time he was ready to do something with it Andrea had become quite proficient in singing and playing several instruments. To think that such a person would not have been here if his parents had followed the doctors’ advice is kind of interesting since it does make you wonder if someone else would have stepped up, or if the world would have been slightly lessened by the unknown loss.

Here are a few of his songs as they’ve been featured in TV and movies.

5. Strictly Come Dancing – Fall On Me

This was pretty special since Boccelli go to do this number with his son. A lot of the songs you hear on this show tend to be faster and more dynamic, but when you get a great slow dance that allows the crowd to see the skill of the dancers and pay attention to the music that’s being played it seems that there’s a bit more appreciation to it since there’s a lot more than can be seen and doesn’t have to just be glimpsed before moving on to the next fleeting moment as the dancers move through their routine. These shows are usually pretty entertaining, but they’re also impressive since not just anyone can do these dances without a lot of practice.

4. Wanted – Time To Say Goodbye

Thinking you’re worth nothing and then finding out one day that you belong to a league of assassins would be a serious head trip since it would mean that you were destined to become something no matter how worthless you thought you were. But when Wesley figures out the big bad assassin that he’s being trained to go after is his father he enacts the type of vengeance on the guild that’s nothing short of epic as he takes their headquarters and them down until the only thing left is a seriously high-stakes standoff in which he confronts the head of the organization to remind him that fate isn’t under their control.

3. The Sopranos – Con Te Partiro

Being the wife of a mobster can’t be easy and there’s no doubt that it leaves a lot of people uneasy since it’s not exactly the type of life that might leave you capable of growing old with your significant other. This kind of life is rather hard and stressful for anyone that’s not fully ready to go through it since it means dealing with a lot of unknowns and wondering if your spouse is going to be snuffed out for one reason or another some day and if your family is going to suffer the same fate just to tie up loose ends. So yeah, belonging to any kind of crime syndicate by marriage doesn’t seem all that peachy.

2. The Nutcracker and the Four Realms – Fall On Me

It’s not exactly a loose interpretation of the original story but it does obviously go a long ways towards telling a very rich and engaging tale that differs in various ways from the original tale as Clara and Captain Phillips do what they must in order to restore order to the Four Realms. Unfortunately they are deceived by the Sugar Plum Fairy, who is is attempting to take over the Four Realms and led them to believe that Mother Ginger was the true evil. Eventually however they defeat the Sugar Plum Fairy and restore Mother Ginger to her rightful place. The tale is one that might very well get people thinking about the original so that they can see the differences.

1. Ronin- Con Te Partiro

The movie Ronin, in which this song appears, was something of a quandary when it first came out but didn’t seem to garner as much attention as it might otherwise should have. Robert De Niro plays Sam, a retired or disgraced CIA operative that falls in with a group of likewise former agents that act as mercenaries for hire. They’re set to retrieve a case from a very high-profile target, but aren’t told what’s in it. Sam is perhaps the most knowledgeable among the group, but the secret is that he’s not ex-CIA, as he’s still very active and is there to seek out a high-profile target that is after the case and is in fact in charge of the handler that has gathered the group together.

Andrea has a great voice without question.

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