The Five Best Boz Scaggs Songs of All-Time

The Five Best Boz Scaggs Songs of All-Time

It took a while for Boz Scaggs to really develop a sound of his own that people liked but for a while it seems as though he was having success while performing with others as it might have been that he hadn’t found his own rhythm just yet. The interesting thing about the era in which he was coming up in though is that so many musicians came and went that it was almost like a race to see who was going to last and who was going to fade off into the sunset, or crash and burn. Scaggs has emerged as one of those that many people have no knowledge of when it comes to the mainstream since keeping up with the younger talent is a chore for many people. But he’s still well-known enough in various circles that enjoy listening to something that’s not pumped out in an assembly line fashion and enjoy a good story with their songs.

Her are a few of his best songs of all time.

5. Heart of Mine

Some types of music you really need to search for, and Boz Scaggs kind of falls into that category since he does things his way and doesn’t seem to bend much when it comes to what the mainstream figures is popular. That’s something called integrity to some while others might think of it as being unable to keep up. In truth it’s a desire to sing one’s own music instead of giving in to what others want. After all the creation that is put forth by any creator is theirs and theirs alone if they so choose, though a lot of people want to share what they have to say. It’s just a matter of getting people to listen.

4. We’re All Alone

Scaggs’ music is soft and lulling in a big way that makes it hard to really get into if you’re not into the type of music that relies more on the quiet and slow pace that he seems to favor. Some people love this since it’s not hurried, it’s not frantic, and it allows them to just sit back and relax or sway gently to something that doesn’t demand a lot from them. Everyone has their own favorite type of music and there’s nothing to say that anyone’s wrong for doing so. After all we all have our own preferences, and if you happen to like a nice, calming tune that can soothe your nerves and induce calm then Boz is a perfect artist to listen to.

3. Look What You’ve Done to Me

You could guess that one reason that Boz isn’t so well known in this day and age is because he really belongs to another generation that had its time many years ago and kind of moved on once the decade changed. His sound is still the same as it used to be and it’s likely still enjoyed by those that have good memories of the music and the feelings that it invoked, but comparing Scaggs to the current era isn’t exactly fair since despite the very nice quality of the music and the fact that he puts a lot into it the two eras are just too different to really hold next to one another. Boz was great in a different time, that much is plain.

2. Lido Shuffle

Let it not be said that Boz couldn’t get down and move away from the slower songs now and again. He did manage to raise his voice and stop crooning long enough to get down and have a good time. How a person remembers Scaggs is likely up to just how they enjoyed him in the past and what they really enjoyed listening to. One thing anyone needs to remember is that an artist is best when they step outside of their comfort zone and stretch their wings in an attempt to try something else. While they might be the master of their own little comfort zone it’s usually interesting to see what happens when they exercise other methods.

1. Lowdown

It’s so easy to get hung up on the idea that Boz Scaggs belongs to the past that you might deny that he has any place in the present. The point you’d be missing however is that music is able to translate from one generation to another so long as people are willing to listen and embrace what they hear. If you haven’t been paying attention some musical trends have been circulating for years when they were thought to be dead or dying for quite a while. Boz might not be top of the charts, but he’s still around and he’s still able to be counted as a big contributor to the music scene.

Never forget that people like Boz helped lay the groundwork for what came after.

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