The Best Uses of Cheap Trick Songs in Movies or TV

Cheap Trick is a band that has kind of come and gone in terms of popularity since a good number of their songs are well-known and have been played over and over throughout the years. But given that they started up in the 70s and have attained fame only to kind of fade into the background and then pop back up again it’s kind of easy to think that they’re a touch and go kind of group that are always there but have to really experience a surge in their fanbase to make a renewed impact. They’ve been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but at the same time they do tend to see their popularity wax and wane in accordance with the fans that still love them but don’t listen as much and the fans that are still growing up and are being exposed to older music now and again.

Here are a few of their songs as used in TV and movies.

5. Pixels – Surrender

The idea of Pixels was pretty cool since thinking about an alien race that used our own video games against us is not only innovative but it’s also kind of interesting since it would beg the question ‘how do we stop THIS invasion?’. Honestly, anytime aliens come calling and are found to be aggressive in any fashion it seems that the human race is often ill-equipped to deal with them. The whole light-cannon idea was okay and all since it was a movie, but the prospect of having to kill off a childhood favorite or be turned into a pile of tumbling blocks of energy doesn’t seem like much of a choice.

4. Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 – Surrender

It’s not often that a sequel matches up to the original film or even surpasses it, but this film did have a few advantages since it was being built up to allow the Guardians to be included into the further machinations of the MCU and it gave a little more insight into Star Lord and his parentage.  The mere fact that he was born part-celestial is pretty cool, but the drawback is that without Ego he reverts back to his regular human self without any powers. Still, the whole deal between Quill and Yondu and the continued bonding between the team members was something that makes this group just a little better each time you see them.

3. Grown Ups – Just Got Back

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how long of a time you go without seeing someone since no matter what it’s like you just saw them the other day. That’s what being best friends is all about and that’s what the guys in this film experienced. When their favorite coach passes away they reconvene at their childhood home to give him a fond farewell and to reconnect while their families get to know one another. Throughout their time together they remember what it was like to really have fun and learn to enjoy each other again in a way that keeps them bonded for even longer now that they’re adults.

2. Scrubs – I Want You to Want Me

The dynamic between the cast members in this show was simply hilarious since the fantasy scenes added a nice touch to the entire show by giving it an added kick to the hilarity factor that allowed it to shift gears and become something other than another hospital show. Of course it was mean to be a comedy since from the start it was little more than funny. There was some drama in the show however, you couldn’t rightfully expect to have no drama at all when dealing with patients in a hospital setting. But all in all it managed to make light of a lot of things in a hospital setting that might never happen.

1. Encino Man – Wild Thing

Sometimes ridiculous is the name of the game since thawing out a frozen caveman and expecting him to get up and walk and learn to talk, and then go to high school seems like something you might write into a kids’ comic with the expectation of laughter and hilarity. You get that in this film anyway since Brendan Fraser put on his acting cap and did as little as possible but still managed to turn in a great performance that allowed him to be wild and crazy. One thing you can say about this movie is that it was perfect for its time and it was one of those films that didn’t make a person think too much. You actually got to sit down, turn off your brain and just be entertained, and that was nice.

Cheap Trick is still heard and talked about now and then, but usually by those that know enough about the band to say something about them.Scrubs

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