The Five Best Three Days Grace Songs of All-Time

Three Days Grace came around in the late 90s when things were still really shaking as the music scene was being ripped up and redone when it came to rock. You’ve got to recall that grunge was a big part of the 90s still and took a while to make way for other bands that were inspired by it and were still attempting to bring their own sound to bear. Three Days Grace however had a new and very raw set of tracks that brought to mind a great deal of hardship as well as personal struggle that allowed a lot of people to enjoy and relate to their songs. If not for Adam Gontier, the original lead vocalist, leaving in 2013 it does seem as though they’d still be just as popular as they were when they started up. They’re still a heavily desired band, but something about Gontier’s energy just seemed to elevate the group beyond where they’re at now.

Her are a few of their best songs.

5. The Good Life

One very recurring theme in TDG’s songs is that there’s a need to break out of the hardships and struggle that come with life. Everyone has something in life that they’d like to change, and their own struggles to get past. The idea of the ‘good life’ is something different for everyone, but what it means overall is that we get what we want, both in the physical world and for our peace of mind. The good life is basically something that you can slip into like a comfortable pair of shoes and be completely at ease while being able to live the way you want, without the struggle and the hardships that are necessary to get there. It’s an ideal we want but not everyone seems to get.

4. Just Like You

Some people say they want to be just like another person, but in truth it’s better to be who you are without trying to be like anyone else. The band has been known for bringing forth subjects that are a source of vexation for a lot of people, like the insane need for conformity that is shown in this video. Too many people believing that conforming to one ideal, one way of life, is the road that people should tread, but in doing so we become mindless, soulless, and essentially worthless in what we can bring to the world. That’s why no matter how insensitive it seems, life is a constant competition to see who can be the best, who can do the best, and who can shine the brightest.

3. Never Too Late

People have problems that stem from as far back as their childhood, and these problems tend to come out at the worst times, especially when someone seems to expect the world to take care of them. The world takes care of no one unless they can take care of themselves, or unless they have someone willing to stand up for them. The hard truth of the world is that it’s a very mean and nasty place that will beat anyone down if they’re not prepared to fight back. The only thing that people can rely on to help them through is that someone will eventually care about them, so long as they’re strong enough to stand on their own.

2. I Hate Everything About You

There are so many people in this world that look to those that hurt them for support that one has to wonder why they don’t see the fallacy of staying with such people, or still loving them. The answer is pretty simple, they can’t help but love the person, but hate the sin that they’e committed against them. It’s a conundrum that comes with being human, we love those that tear us down, no matter that we hate them in equal measure. We want to be loved, respected, and cared for, but when we’re hurt a lot of us can’t help but wonder why and perhaps even refuse to walk the other way, no matter how tempting it is.

1. Animal I Have Become

Many upon many people have this issue. There is more than one side to any human being, no matter how much some folks might try to deny a darker side that springs to life occasionally. We’re human, it’s a part of our nature, our biology, and our very existence. We struggle with our darker sides continually, sometimes succeeding when it comes to caging the darker, more violent impulses, and sometimes failing as they’re let out to roam. You want a good example? A writer straddles the line between madness and sanity continually the moment their thoughts are put upon the page, and as a result we know the madness on a very personal level. Many people understand this, but those that don’t are usually the ones that deny the shadows that hide behind their smiling faces.

Yes, Three Days Grace has gotten a little dark in the past.

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