The Best Uses of Leann Rimes Songs in Movies

At this point in her career one has to wonder about LeAnn Rimes and if she is going to be a long-term star or if she’s been headed down the road towards ruination one large step at a time. It’d be nice to think that the latter isn’t true but when you read down the line of her professional and personal history it almost seems as though she’s had stuff happen to her and she’s kind of made a few things happen on her own that might one day be humongous regrets that she doesn’t fully feel at this time. There’s nothing that can deny the fact that she’s extremely talented and has been for years, her career has been something that many people around the world would love to boast about, but the decisions she’s made now and again just don’t seem to have been all that thought out when it comes to the outcomes that were inevitable from the start.

Here are some of her songs that have been used in movies.

5. Evan Almighty – Ready for a Miracle

It’s very true that Evan Almighty was not nearly as well-received as it’s predecessor, Bruce Almighty was. It’s kind of funny to think that it would be passed over so quickly though since Steve Carrell is a very funny man and in some ways was on par with Jim Carrey at one point when it came to comedy. He was great at the physical aspect of it and his delivery was on point as well. Maybe people got soured on the fact that Jim Carrey was essentially treated like God in a film and didn’t want to see it happen to another comedian. The trick however is that Evan didn’t get any of God’s power, he was made into a modern-day Noah instead.

4. Driven – Soon

Driven was a movie that was kind of just made, released, and then pushed to the side as more and more movies came after it. The idea behind it however is that racing is more than just the endorsements, the winning, and the brutal back and forth competition that keeps some people apart. There’s more than just the need to win and be better than someone else. There’s the human aspect of it too, meaning that there has to be some love of humanity and the need for fierce but honest competition that pulls people together even as it keeps them at arms length for the duration of a race.

3. Logan Lucky – America the Beautiful

In the history of heist movies this is probably one of the those that will go down as a film that you don’t likely remember that well but once you’ve seen it again will say is one of the better movies that needs a little more recognition. It’s funny how that works, especially given that when people watched it the first time they probably just curious to see what it was all about. In truth it’s not much more than a heist movie, but there is a theme behind it that speaks of revenge and even a bit of personal gratification that comes from stiffing those that thought they were so high and mighty but were proven to be just as vulnerable as anyone else.

2. Con Air – How Do I Live Without You

Con Air is another movie that was loved when it first came out but kind of fell by the wayside once people found something else to move onto. The movie was actually pretty good since it focused around an Army Ranger that had been sent to prison for killing a man while defending his wife and himself. Upon his release he’s placed on a plane that gets hijacked by a bunch of violent convicts that plan on escaping across the border. His intent however is getting back to his wife and the daughter he’s never met yet, so with his training and his sheer determination he’s going to make it back to them.

1. Coyote Ugly – Can’t Fight the Moonlight

The fact that there are Coyote Ugly bars around the country, around the world in fact, is proof that this kind of bar is what people want to see when they go out and are willing to pay extra for since it comes down to the experience of it. But in the movie it’s a wild and crazy time that helps to push the career of a young woman that’s bound for glory as a songwriter and singer. There are a few bumps along the way but eventually she gets over her stage fright and finds out that she’s more capable than she first believed, finding the courage to stand up for herself and finally be the strong and independent woman that everyone else sees.

LeAnn Rimes is still a great singer, no matter what has happened in her career or life.

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