The Five Best Travis Scott Songs of His Career

To put it lightly, Travis Scott didn’t have a good time in the beginning of his career. He had a promising life as he is a high school graduate and was in college for a while until he dropped out in his sophomore year to focus on his music. His parents however were so disappointed in his choice to drop out that they cut him off financially and he had to find another place to stay. So he moved to New York for a while and after struggling for a bit he made his way to Los Angeles. When things didn’t pan out there he tried to move home but his parents weren’t having it, so he had to make his way back to LA where he slept on a friend’s couch for a while. Eventually his material was noticed by famed rapper T.I. and that’s how the ball really got rolling finally as his career started to finally take off.

Here are a few of the best songs he’s come up with in his career thus far.

5. Stargazing

It’s hard not to knock on someone that seems to fail to realize that they have a good life that shows a lot of promise if they just stay the course, but the idea is that a lot of people have a path they want to follow and education just isn’t a part of it. The only thing to be said against that kind of life is that an education is invaluable as it offers something for a person to fall back on. Then it becomes less about the do or die attitude as one has a chance to utilize something else just in case things don’t pan out. Of course a lot of people still want to push forward without a safety net, content to fall hard if it does happen, or just not think about it.

4. Stop Trying to Be God

As a lot of musicians come to discover early on, the music industry is increasingly difficult to break into even if they happen to know someone or they don’t. The industry sees countless people come and go every year as those that think they can sing and those that actually can come to sup at the same trough only to find that the skill they have isn’t enough on its own. Very few people ever get by on skill alone, as a genuine presence is something that is needed to bolster their music. Talent is great, it’s a big part of what brings a person to the table, but it’s not the only thing that pushes a talented individual forward in this life.

3. Antidote

Getting lucky in the music game is about all anyone can really expect since that’s a good deal of what it takes to really make a career. The fans, the talent, the ability to actually wow people, it might not be seen as luck, but it has a lot to do with the good fortune of everything coming together at the right moment. Travis has been fortunate enough that he attracted the attention of someone that was willing to pick up his tracks and do something with it. From that point it was all on his shoulders as far as doing something with the chance he’d been given. So far, he’s been doing something great with what he’s got.

2. Butterfly Effect

It’s interesting to think of what might happen if we did just one or two things different in life. The Butterfly Effect, that same thing that so many people probably know at least a little bit about at this point thanks to movies and TV, is something that explains a great deal of what might happen if you turn this way or that, metaphorically speaking. Our lives take on very different directions with the actions we take and the things we say, and there’s always an infinite number of pathways we can take no matter how similar they might seem to one another. Change is kind of hard if not impossible once we traverse a certain path, but those are the decisions we live with.

1. Sicko Mode

Right now Travis is definitely hitting a high note in his career as he’s been on a roll so far and seems to be holding steady with something that might or might not have popped off had he been going the same direction without anyone to pick up on his music. The fame that he’s established at this point is something that he’ll no doubt seek to build on and will continue so long as the people that listen are happy and entertained. Like any business however the nature of his songs and his talent is going to have to keep changing and adapting to keep people happy, as this is how a person stays on top of any industry they gravitate towards.

So far he’s done well for himself.

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