Five Movies Released in 2019 With Amazing Soundtracks

Five Movies Released in 2019 With Amazing Soundtracks


There have been some amazing movies this year and it’s not quite over yet, but so far some of the best soundtracks have already landed and as you can imagine some of them are a blast from the past that have us remembering times that are long gone but not forgotten. In fact some of these movies have featured hits that have made the artists wealthy and so well-renowned that their legend is bound to outlast them eventually since people are really digging on the past as of now and some of the songs from the eras that many of us can remember and some are just now getting into are those that were made popular a long time ago. It’s almost as though we’re trying to recapture the parts of the past that were actually capable of reminding us that despite the world being a crazy place it’s also magical and somehow inspiring as well.

Here are the movies that have delivered five best soundtracks of 2019.

5. Us

Tom Philip of GQ was just one of the many to state how utterly terrifying this movie was, but the soundtrack was great since it brought back some of the greats like I Got Five On It and F*** the Police, a big-time favorite from N.W.A. The horrifying nature of this movie was enough to leave people shuddering in the movie theater, but the music was great since it brought back a great deal of nostalgia that helped a lot of audience members ease into it and really get into the feel of the whole thing. Jordan Peele hit another home run with this one since he’s been on a role lately with the type of movies he’s decided to run with.

4. The Lion King

David Ehrlich of IndieWire and many others made it known that as expectant as people were for this movie they didn’t seem too impressed by the overall appearance of the animals since it seemed a little TOO real for a lot of folks, almost like a documentary that was being passed off as a feature film. The soundtrack, which has been one of the best parts of the movie since the animated version came out, was still on point and it was this, in part, that helped the movie along. It was also the inclusion of a cast that was chock-full of big names that made the movie such a big draw, but it still felt as though it fell slightly short of the same magic as the animated movie.

3. Yesterday

Just imagine if the entire world, well most of it anyway, forgot who the Beatles were and no longer recognized their songs. Jack, an avid Beatles fan, stepped in and took over to create the career he’d always wanted, even as it starts to push him away from the woman he’s always wanted. Strangely enough, in this movie John Lennon has survived into old age and gives Jack a bit of advice to simply do what makes him happy and live a life of truth. When Jack reveals that he did plagiarize the songs his career is pretty much over, but he does finally get together with the woman of his dreams and lives happily from that point on.

2. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

For a movie like this, especially coming from Quentin Tarantino, you simply knew it was going to have a killer soundtrack since the era in which it was placed was easily one of those that had some of the best music of the century. The wealth of big names in this picture was amazing and the story was something that you needed to pay attention to if you didn’t want to get lost in the middle, but at the same time this was something that you can’t help but think was worth the effort since there was simply too much going on to not want to take a look. It’s not exactly what you might expect out of Tarantino after his other movies, but it was still a very well-done flick.

1. Rocketman

Unless you’ve been a fan of Elton John for a long time this movie would likely come as a huge revelation of what his life has been like, even if there were moments in the movie when things were likely embellished or pushed wide of the truth for theatrical reasons. That being said however one of the greatest musicians of all time was given a rousing bit of representation that received a standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year and has been absolutely loved by pretty much anyone that’s seen it. While it might not be your cup of tea it’s worth watching just once to say you’ve seen it.

2019 has been an impressive year for soundtracks, no doubt about it.

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