The Best Uses of LL Cool J Songs in Movies or TV

Life wasn’t easy early on for LL Cool J, but the tragedy he experienced in his life at a very young age was funneled into something that became increasingly positive as the years went on. He became a rapper at the age of 16, though he’d been in the game since the age of 9 when he really got into it. For quite some time now his messages have been hard-hitting and more positive than most. His name, Ladies Love Cool James, has been known throughout the rap industry for quite a while now and even when it seemed like he slowed down a bit he was still present and let people know about it. The fact that he’s gone into acting more than anything at this time doesn’t take anything away from his music career since that’s been solid for so long that people always tend to remember how he started out and why he’s one of the best in the business.

Here are some of his best songs as found in TV and movies.

5. Deep Blue Sea – Shark’s Fin

The premise to this movie is pretty simple, scientists are looking for a way to counter the effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease so they decide to take to the sea an experiment on one species that’s never been known to suffer any type of brain malady and could possibly be used to at least counter the effects of AD in humans. The only downfall is that by necessity the amount of protein in a shark’s brain needed to be increased in order to harvest it, and somehow this made the sharks smarter. So essentially a group of the smartest people on the water decided to try working with intelligent killing machines that figured out how to herd them all into various locations in this underwater habitat so as to sink the place and escape into the ocean.

4. Bumblebee – I Can’t Live Without My Radio

It’s kind of amazing that out of all the Transformers that Michael Bay has shown us throughout the years that Bumblebee is the one that a lot of people have decided is among one of the coolest. He’s one that’s been there since the beginning and despite his lack of size and firepower he’s still got the biggest heart out of all of them it would seem. Being one of the smallest of the Autobots doesn’t really mean much since Bumblebee has been shown in the movies to be able to take down some of the roughest enemies thanks to his ability to adapt and overcome in many different situations.

3. Lip Sync Battle – I’m Bad

Being a host of this show has to be a lot of fun, but it’s not to be even better when someone actually chooses one of his songs to sing. One had to come to the conclusion that this would happen once or twice since the idea of not including one of LL Cool J’s songs on a show that he’s a big part of would be kind of silly. But the Stranger Things kids have definitely put in their time on this show and made it something special. You can see J’s face light up when the song gets going, making it that much better since it’s a wonder if he ever thinks that back in the day he might not have expected such a thing to ever happen.

2. Happy Feet Two – Mama Said Knock You Out

For such a tough-sounding song this movie kind of dulls it down just a little and cutifies it in a way that makes a lot of people laugh and want to get up and dance. It’s contagious really since when you listen to the original and then to this version there’s still the need to get up and move around since it’s the kind of song that has too much energy in it to just sit and listen to. Any song that has that kind of rhythm and movement to it is something that’s at the very least going to get heads nodding and toes tapping as people try to resist the urge to do something, anything, that shows how much they’re into it.

1. Shameless – Slip & Slide

Over the course of this show there have been a lot, a LOT, of songs that people would have recognized. The Gallagher’s are a clan that seems to draw a lot of attention in both a positive and a negative way since throughout the course of the program there have been a lot of messed-up things that have happened, but there have also been triumphs here and there as well. It’s the kind of show that tweaks your emotions one way or another and one that you can’t help but feel will get worse before it gets better, in terms of character development at least.

Don’t call it a comeback.

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