The Top Uses of Queen’s “We Are the Champions” in Movies or TV

The Top Uses of Queen’s “We Are the Champions” in Movies or TV

We Are The Champions by Queen has become a popular sports song throughout the years and has been used many upon many times to close out sport-related movies and has even been one of the key tracks of many a sporting event. It’s meant to be a unifying and uplifting song and commonly follows the song We Will Rock You. Both songs are heavily used in sports and are seen as two of the most important songs to ever be produced and then used for such a purpose. Honestly it’s almost as though We Will Rock You is meant to pump the crowd up and then the following song, We Are The Champions, is meant to allow the winning team to embrace the moment and fully enjoy their fortuitous win.

In any case it’s been used in many different ways, but many of them have been sports or sport-related.

5. D2: The Mighty Ducks

Getting into this movie you almost forget that it’s pee wee hockey and not the majors that are being played. The hits still seem inordinately hard and the play is severely rough, but then again the sport is hockey and it’s not meant to be gentle. But if you go into the film thinking that the Mighty Ducks are going to lose out on the world stage then you didn’t pay attention to the first film.

4. The Babysitter

When a kid tells you he doesn’t need a babysitter it’s easy to dismiss because most parents happen to think they know better. Of course when the babysitter is the leader of a demonic cult the whole ‘parents knowing better’ dynamic is kind of chucked and the race to survive is on for the kid since he doesn’t want to die and isn’t about to let the twisted sitter get away without some payback.

3. The Simpsons

Ever notice how Homer seems to crow so loudly when he does something he considers to be just insanely awesome? Well that is one heck of a fish to be honest, but it doesn’t seem too awesome to Marge, who’s standing on the dock ready to give him an earful. His tune sure changes when he’s in trouble, especially since he knows that she’s not bound to approve of a lot of the things he does.

2. Turbo

It’s an ironic movie really about a snail that can suddenly reach the same kind of speeds that you find in the Indy 500. When Turbo’s bloodstream is infused with nitrous oxide however Turbo suddenly develops the ability to outdo almost any racer on the course with ease. The only problem is that being a snail he tends to have a massive disadvantage when it comes to size.

1. Revenge of the Nerds

For so long it’s been deemed uncool to be a nerd. But when this movie came out it was found that being a nerd wasn’t uncool at all. It was a fun, interesting, and even amazingly good time. The jocks have their skills and abilities, but the nerds are usually the guys that end up running things since they don’t buy in to the stereotypes as much. That’s why they tend to win so often, they just want to be accepted and accept others for who they are.

We’ll keep on fighting, to the end.

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