The Top Uses of J. Geils Band Songs in Movies or TV

The Top Uses of J. Geils Band Songs in Movies or TV

The J. Giels Band was formed back in the 60’s and have come up with a lot of great and interesting songs that you’ve likely heard throughout the last several decades. You might not know just who wrote and performed the songs but you’re in luck since I’m about to show you. The J. Giels Band went through a few transitions during their time when a few of their members tried to go off and do other things. This seems kind of standard for many bands since spending so much time with one another must be an experience that some relish while others want some creative space from time to time. Prior to the passing of their namesake, J. Giels, in 2017 they’d had a good number of reunion tours until they finally parted ways in 2015. Their songs are still widely remembered though and pop up now and again in movies and TV.

Finding the clips for all of them however was a seriously difficult task.

5. Hancock-Whammer Jammer

Hancock couldn’t be called a superhero to begin with since he was almost always drunk, didn’t really care about doing much for others, and had a rather salty attitude towards life. When he was given a purpose he became a little nicer but he was still in serious danger of a relapse more than once. By the end of the movie however he’d finally become who he was supposed to be.

4. J. Giels Band-Centerfold

It’s a little frustrating to know about so many movies that make use of these songs but not be able to find the clips. There are a few movies and even a couple of TV shows that use Centerfold in a very fun and engaging way since it is a very entertaining song. The J. Giels Band knew how to have fun with their music as you can see from their videos and hear in their lyrics.

3. Fright Night-Fright Night

This cult classic gave a lot of people nightmares growing up and yet was something we got to laugh about later on since it was pretty campy in many spots. Plus if you realize it the film stars Amanda Bearse, the same woman that would become Mary Rhoades and then Marcy D’Arcy on Married…With Children. This film was kind of fun to watch even it did have a few scares.

2. Grown Ups 2

The rumble near the end of Grown Ups 2 is probably one of the best scenes in the whole movie and one of the most prominent showings of the J. Geils Band in a long time. It was well done however since they aren’t front and center in every shot but you can hear them throughout the entire scene. That’s a pretty cool way to lay down a background track for this scene.

1. J Giels Band-Freeze Frame

Go to almost any baseball season during the regular season and you might at least hear the opening part of this song. If you’re lucky you might hear the whole thing since it seems to be a favorite of a lot of ball clubs around the country.

Freeze frame!

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