The Best Uses of Crowder Songs in Movies or TV

David Crowder was part of a band up until 2012 when the band broke up and he went solo. Since then he’s been doing his thing and becoming quite successful since he released his third album this year. Christian music covers a few different genres within its own borders and has been around for a good long while now and a lot of people have taken to it since it can be just as enticing as other, similar music that is not affiliated in the same manner with Christian views. To say that a lot of artists are devout believers is quite accurate since many of them do in fact attend one church or another and have very strong beliefs. But Christian music is its own entity to be honest and some people have misconceptions about the genre, but in all honesty the music is pretty sound and carries a great amount of weight with a variety of fans.

Here are some of Crowder’s best hits.

5. You Are

There are many reasons why Christian music of any type gets a bad reputation and it has a lot to do with the idea that some Christians are just too prone to preaching to anyone and everyone they can whether a person is willing to listen or not. That kind of annoyance is something that a lot of people can’t stand and don’t want to have to deal with. But the trick here is that no one HAS to listen to this music and they have the choice to ignore it or simply give it a chance. In many cases some people find that the music is something quite interesting and has a good beat that they can get into.

4. Come As You Are

In many cases it’s hard to tell Christian music from any other type of music until you actually listen to the lyrics. It’s not slower, softer, or lighter than any other genre and it’s not bound by any other rules that other genres hold to. It’s just a different style of music in all honesty and it’s something that a lot of people are into so it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Those that have an issue with it are usually those that have an issue with religion in the first place and don’t seem to find any redeeming quality in the music simply because of their hangups with Christianity as a whole.

3. I Am

Religion is supposed to be a unifying force but there’s a lot of arguments that would be brought up about this that could spark an entirely different article. Music however is a very universal force that inspires a lot of people and tends to unify them in a way that’s often much stronger than any belief system could hope to match. The only difference is that music is much more fleeing than religious belief and is there and gone in a matter of moments that are shared by many and then fade once the last chord is struck. Christian music is a good way for a lot of people to unite in a matter of moments, and sometimes that’s all we can ask for.

2. All My Hope

Crowder has talent, there’s no doubt of that, and his chosen genre is something that a lot of people might not choose to follow while a lot of others do. If he didn’t have a fan base he wouldn’t be on anyone’s radar and he wouldn’t be worth noticing it would seem, so it’s fair to say that enough people like him that he’s become something of a sensation. There are enough religious individuals in the world that love music and will gladly listen to Crowder, meaning that he’s not bound to watch his career tank anytime in the near future unless something shifts and his popularity hits rock bottom for one reason or another.

1. How He Loves

To some folks it’s remarkable how Christian music has such a big following, but people have got to remember that when it comes to music and religion there are people that are more than willing to accept such a blending of harmony and belief that will gladly put people like Crowder up on his own pedestal. As a person that’s not so much into the religion scene but will gladly acknowledge the beliefs of others it’s a bit frustrating at times to hold my tongue, but so long as people feel the need to believe in the Christian faith and give rise to the glory and the popularity of musicians like Crowder then more power to them.

Everyone has to have something to believe in and there are worse things that we can be doing with our time. Crowder is a quite skilled and has proven it on more than one occasion throughout his career.

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