The Top Uses of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” in Movies

This is a song that you can’t help but sing to when it comes on. As soon as the opening note hits you feel that electrifying sensation that you just have to move, to sing, and to groove along with it. This was and is why Journey is so popular, they know how to hit the human race right in the emotions and get them to really sync up with their sound. This song in particular is one of theirs that people will listen to even if they’re not fans of the band. It’s just that good and more to the point it’s just that fun of a song.

Here are several movies that use it beautifully and to great effect.

5. The Losers

As a way to distract others the song is obviously a great idea. Chris Evans is a great actor but it’s kind of hard to imagine that he and the other actors didn’t bust up laughing at least a time or two when he started singing and gesturing as he stepped into the elevator. It’s just a feel good song that makes you act a little goofy at times, but it still feels so right.

4. Bed Time Stories

The song can also speak of perseverance and the idea that hard work and diligence can pay off eventually. Skeeter is what you might call a downtrodden and underappreciated employee that should be placed a great deal higher in the hotel hierarchy considering all he’s done. But when his niece and nephew start helping him with the details of their bedtime stories weird things start to happen and, well, he finally gets what he deserves.

3. The Comebacks

Remember what I was saying about being silly? With this song it’s perfectly okay and in movies it can be a way to inspire or just to get a good laugh. In The Comebacks it’s used as a gimmick and one that is actually pretty amusing. When people just start breaking into song in movies you can’t help but laugh or change the channel. In this case it’s a lot easier to laugh and enjoy the effort.

2. Monster

For such a disturbing movie this was actually a very touching moment. One has to remember that even the most evil person in the world wasn’t always that way. There are and were always moments in which they acted human, no matter that what came next was bound to paint them as something else in the eyes of society. Even monsters get their moments though.

1. Moneyball

If anyone needed to keep on believing at any point in history it was the Oakland A’s. At one point their franchise was as close as it had ever come to being the absolute worst thing to ever happen to baseball. The gamble that was pulled off eventually turned them around, but during that tense and nerve-wracking time they had every reason to believe that the front office would be getting cleared out without hesitation.

Journey knows how to have fun with their music and this track proves it.


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