The Top Five Uses of Marky Mark’s “Good Vibrations” In Movies

While he is far more recognized for his contributions on screen, Mark Wahlberg was once quite an aficionado of the music scene as well. Going by the moniker Marky Mark, he (along with the Funky Bunch) got people out of their seats and onto the dance floor. Their mega hit “Good Vibrations” is something that has been used in sporting arenas, television and movies since its 1991 original release. While there might have been several instances where this song was used, perhaps it is best to break down the top five times that you would have encountered this track on the silver screen.

Rock Star 

While this would be a rather big role for Mark Wahlberg to play, it would also give him a chance to throw in a little bit of irony right as the credits to this film start to roll. In a movie where he has been playing in bands and eventually gets to be the lead singer of the band he has always idolized, to play Wahlberg’s actual musical recordings at the end of the film is pure gold.

Don Jon

This is a movie that people either seemed to really like or really hate, and there was no in between. Whether that was the case or not for you, you cannot discredit the masterful scene in which the main character is dancing and singing along with “Good Vibrations” in his car. He quickly stops when he sees another car pull up beside him, but resumes again with even more fervor once they pull away again.

The Do-Over

With classic comedy legends Adam Sandler and David Spade teaming up, it is hard to imagine the kind of crazy antics that are going to go down. To set a clear mood of dancing in the 1990s, you can hear “Good Vibrations” playing in the background of the prom scene that opens up this movie. This merely sets the stage to remind both of these main characters how their life might be different if they faked their own deaths and started out fresh.

Mighty Ducks   

You might be surprised to learn this, but actually every single Mighty Ducks movie has featured “Good Vibrations” on its soundtrack. Whether or not this song made it into every film in some iconic way is unlikely, but you can see it in the memorable scene where all of Gordon’s kids are getting new gear for the first time. They head out to the local shop and try a number of things on and get fitted for their new equipment while the song plays in the background. 

Fun Size

A truly fun and inventive movie about losing the brother that you were meant to babysit. While Wren desperately searches for her little brother she took trick or treating on Halloween, he finds himself in all kinds of mischief. When an attractive girl waiting outside of a club sees him hanging out by himself, she invites the boy inside with her to dance the night away to “Good Vibrations”.

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