The Top Uses of Billie Holiday Songs in Movies or TV

The Top Uses of Billie Holiday Songs in Movies or TV

The Top Uses of Billie Holiday Songs in Movies or TV

She might not have had any formal musical training and she didn’t have much in the way of a range but what she lacked Billie Holiday more than made up for with her voice. Holiday was also masterful with her improvisational skills as well. People were drawn to her voice, and were enchanted by the way she could deliver a tune with such elegance and poise. From a young age she was a talented singer, and her voice propelled her to a career that lasted well into her early forties when she sadly passed away due to cirrhosis. Even after her passing however her music has been kept as a part of pop culture that continually pops up now and again to the delight of those that love the sound old time jazz.

Here are a few contributions that her music has made.

5. Watchmen-You’re My Thrill

This movie enjoyed a good span of time in between when the Watchmen first formed to when Ozymandias finally decided to come clean with his betrayal. It stands to reason that they’d have a wide selection of music to choose from, and would utilize a lot of the best music from each time period. While movie is a hit and miss with many people the music is easy to remember.

4. Gray’s Anatomy-God Bless the Child

The show is undoubtedly one of the favorites of so many fans that it’s been a continually talked over subject for years and has never seemed to get old or go out of style. It certainly helped a few of its actors along the way as their careers were seriously bolstered by the ratings. While the cast has changed a bit since the show first started people are still hooked on Gray’s Anatomy.

3. Malcom X-Big Stuff

Even years after his death Malcolm X still stands as one of the most known revolutionaries in the country and a man that wasn’t willing to back down when it came to standing up for what he believed in. He was a menace to some and a hero to others but what he really was happened to be a man that was something that was made by the people that supported him, whatever that may be.

2. Harlem Nights-Just One More Chance


It’s a constant back and forth gangster movie like so many others but with a hint of comedy thrown in to soften the blows that inevitably come when two gangsters begin to push at each other. Starring Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor this film had a small following back in the day but has been forgotten by a lot of people in this era. The music however is still around.

1. The Flash-This Year’s Kisses

It’s kind of an odd song to hear in a newer show but to be honest more and more TV shows and movies are starting to come around to adding older songs to their soundtracks. It’s almost like a nod of respect to the past in a way. In many ways it’s nice to see since it reminds a lot of us that we don’t need to forget the past in favor of the future.

Billie Holiday certainly had the voice of an angel.


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