Our Top Five Liam Neeson Action Film Moments of His Career

Our Top Five Liam Neeson Action Film Moments of His Career

In some ways it seems as though Liam Neeson has only been in the role of the tough guy for a short while. But the truth is that he’s been playing such a role throughout many movies for years now. His career has consisted of us seeing just how big and bad he can really be no matter if he’s a hero, a villain, or a neutral party just trying to survive. The point is that he’s been flat out tough when he needs to be. The sad part is that he’s retiring from action flicks unfortunately, so we won’t be seeing him kick butt again any time soon.

Here are a few roles you might want to remember him by when thinking of how tough he’s been throughout the years.

5. Taken

When his daughter is taken he doesn’t freak out, he doesn’t start to beg and plead. He lets the kidnapper know just who he’s dealing with and what’s going to happen. And lo and behold, it happens as he said it would. Once he gets to this point he doesn’t even seem to worry. He takes note of where everyone is in the room, then proceeds to lay into each one of them without hesitation after reminding the initial bad guy that DID say he would find him.

4. Batman Begins

He’s a lot more mysterious in this role than he has been in others, but he’s just as tough and just as merciless. Keep in mind in Batman Begins he’s the guy that gave Bruce Wayne his training, so it’s reasonable to assume that he’s far tougher and more experienced than Bruce has ever been. The only reason why Batman wins in the end is that he actually learned how to pay attention for once.

3. The Grey

How many men would be on their knees begging and whimpering as the wolves closed in? Or how many would be up and wildly swinging a heavy stick or whatever was at hand to keep the wolves at bay? Neeson calmly arms himself as he keeps an eye on the Alpha, making sure to never lose sight of the wolf as he prepares himself for the final battle. That’s sheer toughness there.

2. The A-Team

Hannibal is the kind of guy that just looks tough, but you certainly wouldn’t want to test him to see just how tough he really is. His commanding presence and calm demeanor in the face of adversity is something that many leaders happen to aspire to. But that gruff exterior is also something you wouldn’t dare test since he could probably turn around and knock you on your butt with minimum effort.

1. Wrath of the  Titans

What else is there to say? He’s Zeus, king of the gods and toughest there is. Even when he’s been drained of energy it seems to take just a pick me up from his brother to stand up and get moving again. He can’t hold a candle to their father unfortunately, but he still packs a huge enough punch to fling a demon aside like a broken rag doll. That’s hard to ignore.

It’s too bad we won’t see him in action flicks anymore. Thanks for the memories though.


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