The Top Five Funniest Jeff Goldblum Scenes in Movies

The Top Five Funniest Jeff Goldblum Scenes in Movies

It’s hard to remember just what kind of actor Jeff Goldblum is when you watch his many different movies. But if you pay attention you can see that he’s extremely funny in a dry, sort of sarcastic way. He might not mean to be sometimes but it comes out regardless and you can’t help but laugh at his antics and what he says. His personality is such that you can tell he’s a smart man but all the same he kind of panders to the crowd a bit when he’s acting and just cuts loose with the comedy. It makes him a lot more likable, that’s for sure.

Here are a few of the times when he was pretty funny.

5. The Lost World

I’m with Jeff. Unless a Triceratops is going to start answering to the name of Sarah then you might as well use her first name and leave it at that. Get it? Tri-Cera-tops? Okay, enough bad humor. This movie wasn’t well thought of and it really took a left turn from the book but to be honest it wasn’t really that bad. The overall idea could have used a little work.

4. Vibes

Just imagine being able to touch something and divine just where it had been and what was happening to it. No one would be able to hide anything from you but at the same time you’d be able to know things that you might not be comfortable knowing. That seems a little too disturbing to think about but it opens up a lot of comedic opportunities to be honest.

3. Thor: Ragnarok

He’s in full swagger as the Grandmaster in this movie, especially since he’s calling all the shots. He never ceases to live up to the expectations or disappoint since he’s just that great. There’s almost no role you could throw him into that wouldn’t afford a chance to be funny and at the same time so poised that it seems like nothing could knock him off his game.

2. Independence Day

So you’re stuck in the middle of an alien spaceship, they know that you’re not one of them even if they can’t see you, and you have one chance to help your allies back on earth. What do you do? You fire off that missile of course and rub it in the aliens’ faces while you’re doing it. The Jolly Rogers crossbones and skull was a nice touch to add in right before everything goes Ka-Boom.

1. Jurassic Park

This had everybody in the theater laughing from what I remember. Because quite honestly it is, and you definitely don’t want to meet up with the creature that can produce this much waste. It might be a little exaggerated but given the size of some of the dinosaurs I wouldn’t think it was that much of a stretch. I also wouldn’t be standing that close to it quite honestly.

Jeff Goldblum is a funny guy but he’s so talented that he can do just about anything. Thankfully he likes to add in a bit of comedy wherever he goes.

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