The Top Five Driver’s Ed Teachers in Movies

The Top Five Driver’s Ed Teachers in Movies

The one thing you want when you’re 16 is to drive, and for some of us that comes without much of an issue, provided we get the right instructor and also provided that we don’t feel the need to give them too much attitude. In the movies this is often so exaggerated that you can see the students sweating bullets or at times perhaps trying to convince the teacher that they’re just so nervous that they can’t help the fact that they’re screwing up. More often than not the teacher just won’t care and will fail about ninety percent of the people that they feel are simply too risky to put on the road.

Here are a few of those types of teachers.

5. James Avery-License to Drive

Sometimes driving instructors can be absolutely merciless and sometimes they can be inordinately kind. It’s always a toss up just who you’re going to get. But if you get anyone like Uncle Phil you’d better tighten up those emotions and get ready for a hellish ride to the finish. But on the bright side if you survive those kind of instructors the chances are good that you’ll do just fine on your own.

4. Dan Akroyd-Coneheads

Trying to make goo-goo eyes at your instructor isn’t really a great thing to do in any case, but if he or she isn’t having it then it’s time to pack it in and really get to trying. Driving instructors aren’t there to fraternize and a lot of them don’t have the time or the patience to hear what’s going on in your life. They’re there to make sure you’re not a threat on the road, period.

3. Ron Orbach-Clueless

As bad as it can get at times and as mean as the driving instructors can be, sometimes you really feel for them since they do have a job that few other people would actually want. All day long they get to try and instruct teenagers, people that have never driven before, and possibly people they can’t understand thanks to a language barrier that makes things extremely difficult.

2. Mark Harmon-Summer School

First of all, if you’re going to allow a student that’s never driven before to drive with you in the car, it’s not the best idea to let them drive YOUR car. Of course if it’s the only thing around at the moment then you have a decision to make and some major insurance to take out. Students driving a nice car like this is just a recipe for disaster even if you’re in the car with them.

1. Don Reed-Don’t Be A Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood

Okay so this one was just for fun. It’s the biggest spoof of a driving instructor that I could find at the moment and it’s pretty funny even it is stereotypical of black men. The entire movie is like in fact and just because of that it was a laugh riot that you know isn’t indicative of anyone’s culture. Laugh at the stupidity and enjoy the show.

Driver’s Ed, the bane of all people far and wide.

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