Whatever Happened To Urban Cowboy’s Madolyn Smith?

Whatever Happened To Urban Cowboy’s Madolyn Smith?

Whatever Happened To Urban Cowboy’s Madolyn Smith?

Madolyn Smith (now Madolyn Smith Osborne) was born on January 1, 1957, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. As an alumnus of the USC drama department, Madolyn Smith received critical acclaim for her supporting roles in movies such as Urban Cowboy (1980) and Funny Farm (1988). While her fame did not extend past the 80s and early 90s, her talent and scope of work as an actress during the peak of her career cannot be overstated.

Some of Madolyn Smith’s other famous movies include starring roles in the 1984 science-fiction film 2010: The Year We Make Contact and All of Me. With her stunning good looks and a repertoire of movies, Smith gained a credible number of devoted fans, but by 1995, she slowly stepped away from the spotlight. Here’s all Madolyn Smith has been up to.

Madolyn Smith’s Early Life

Madolyn Smith in Urban Cowboy

Madolyn Smith made her debut as a professional actress in 1980’s Urban Cowboy, starring alongside John Travolta. Smith never talked much about her life as a child or as a teen. However, Smith enrolled for courses in the Drama department at the University of Southern California (USC) sometime in her late teens.

Having acquired some drama training in college, the actress would have started auditioning for roles immediately after graduating. Smith was years old when Urban Cowboy was released. Although the movie was her debut, it was enough to give her some visibility. Smith quickly became an instantly recognizable face in Hollywood. In 1983, Smith was cast as the wife of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat in the 1983 TV miniseries Sadat.

Madolyn Smith At The Peak of Her Popularity

Madolyn Smith in The Caller

Madolyn Smith’s acting career may have lasted about a decade and a half, but she did exceptionally well as an actress. With her signature cleft chin and full brunette hair, she’s still fondly remembered by movie audiences. She has received credit for working with famous actresses and actors such as Lily Tomlin and the hilarious Steve Martin in All of Me (1984). Smith received special praise for her performance and was likened to the talented Lily Tomlin.

Smith’s last on-screen appearance was in 1994. She was cast as Mackenzie King in an episode of Paul Haggis’ Canadian crime comedy-drama Due South. Before this, she had appeared in four episodes of Class of ’96 (1993) as Dean Keller.

Madolyn Smith’s Personal Life

Madolyn Smith husband Mark Osborne

Madolyn Smith married her Canadian husband, Mark Osborne, in 1988, and they have remained together since then. Osbourne was a retired Canadian ice hockey player. They have two children, daughters Abigail and Eliza. At the time of her retirement, it was believed that she focused more on being a dedicated wife and a mother. Being an actress at the peak of her career in Hollywood must have hindered her ability to be available for her family.

At the height of Smith’s career, she had starred in more than 20 movies and television roles. She had worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood at the time and made quite a name for herself. All of her earlier acting work was done using her maiden name. After her marriage to Osborne in 1988, Smith was credited as Madolyn Smith Osborne from her works in 1989 until she walked away from acting.

What Is Madolyn Smith Up To Now?

Madolyn Smith

Madolyn Smith has kept her life as private as possible since she departed Hollywood but has stayed close. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, a pro scout for the professional hockey team LA Kings. He’s a devout Christian who works on his ministry through coaching in Christian camps.

Smith has kept her life private. She does not appear to have any social media accounts and does not grant interviews. However, Smith made a brief comeback to acting in 2010. She voiced Louis Sullivan in a biographical documentary, Louis Sullivan: The Struggle for American Architecture. Although Madolyn Smith is yet to make an on-screen comeback appearance, audiences can only keep their fingers crossed.

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