Why You Should See the Hindi Movie “Baar Baar Dekho”

Why You Should See the Hindi Movie “Baar Baar Dekho”

It doesn’t seem likely that a lot of people will rush out to see what Hindi movies are available in the US unless they happen to be in the mood for one or tend to like something different, but Baar Baar Dekho seems to be a movie that should be enjoyed since it employs some very familiar themes that can be translated from one culture to the next. The story is about a man and a woman that are childhood sweethearts and grow up together their entire lives. Eventually Diya decides that she wants to marry Jai, as he is the only one she cares for so deeply and the only man that she wants to be with. Jai feels a bit pressured into the marriage as he has plans of his own that don’t seem to coincide with the ceremony or the idea of having someone around all the time.

This of course upsets Diya and she goes away heartbroken. But after a night of getting drunk and passing out Jai wakes up to find that ten days has passed since he and Diya were married. Obviously this confuses and concerns Jai since he has no recollection of the moment or the days following. When he goes to sleep again that night he wakes up the next day and 2 years have passed, and he and Diya now have a child. The next time he wakes up to find that he’s gone eighteen years into the future and that he and his wife have separated and he has become a Cambridge professor. After that things start to unravel even more as when he wakes up again his mother has passed away and he’s no closer to reconciling with Diya.

Eventually he gets to travel back and attempt to fix things, but it’s only when he goes all the way back to before he and Diya get married that he finally realizes what he has to lose. He manages to attain his goals and keep his family together by striving to be a better man and putting them first. In doing so he learns what is really important. This movie is one that a lot of people should watch since in this high-speed world it’s necessary at times to understand what’s really important.

The movie shows the importance of balancing a career with a happy home life.

Too many people these days tend to focus on one aspect and not the other, never taking the time to notice what kind of damage is being done by not spending enough time with their family. It’s important to work, to make money, and to provide for the security of a family, but it’s also just as important to take care of one’s emotional state as well, and that means spending time with loved ones and making sure that they’re happy. Without a balanced life, something that is hard to do in even the best of times, many people tend to develop bad habits such as looking forward too often when they should be tending the present they have at hand.

It’s an interesting look at how priorities tend to override good sense.

A lot of people might look at Jai and say that he’s got a good head on his shoulders and has a definite goal in mind and it’s true that he does. He has a very well-defined goal and he knows what he wants, but it comes at the expense of someone that wants to spend the rest of her life with him. It comes without knowing just what he’d be losing if he decides that marriage isn’t the life for him. Marriage, unlike what some people might state, is not the end of a life, nor is it the locking down of an individual and their desires and wants. Marriage is, instead, a life spent with someone that will want the same things you do, will share them with you, and will build you up when it comes to reaching your goals. Marriage is not for everyone, this much is true, but it is not the life-draining, soul-sucking thing that some would gladly describe it as and it’s not the end of a life, but the beginning of a new chapter. Jai is given a good look at what his life will be like if he continues to be all about his work and not about his family in any regard and eventually he sees that it is empty and quite devoid of any joy since he has allowed his work to consume him and create a void where his life might have been.

This would be a good movie for a lot of people to watch when thinking about marriage or what they want for the rest of their lives. The idea of marriage is not a prison, but instead an opportunity missed if you let it pass by.

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