Justice League: Snyder Cut Gets the Honest Trailer Treatment

Justice League: Snyder Cut Gets the Honest Trailer Treatment

Justice League: Snyder Cut Gets the Honest Trailer Treatment

It’d be great to say that this is what happens when fans don’t get what they want and are allowed to think that it’s all some giant controversy that is basically designed to keep something from them that they really want and are willing to cry, whine, piss and moan about to get. But there’s no guarantee that fans would like the Snyder cut of Justice League and unfortunately not a lot of people really care to hear that. Why? Because they feel that Zack Snyder had a fully completed cut of Justice League that was far better than what showed up on screen and they want to see it, even if there’s not a lot that was done differently and only a few cut scenes that might not add or take away anything from the movie. Isaac Feldberg of Fortune has more to say on the topic. In other words, they want it because no one has given it to them at this point and because it’s easier to cry and petition about something than it is to just let it go. Speaking as a Star Wars fan that might sound a little hypocritical, until one realizes that letting it go because this is what was meant to happen is what you should probably do. There are just too many fans that don’t get that point unfortunately and want to keep harping on what they want rather than which version is best since honestly, they don’t know without having seen the Snyder cut, which hopefully isn’t going to happen.

The fact that people want this so bad is kind of unnerving really since it means that they’re fully ready to fight for something that is basically sight unseen and could disappoint them anew if they did manage to see it. But hey, Zack Snyder has done such a great job already, right? Mr. everything in shadows and Superman is an aimless drift instead of the fearless man of steel, and Batman is an aging vigilante that’s fairly psychotic in a way, what could possibly be wrong with the Snyder cut, right? It’s amazing that anyone has to ask that question since watching Snyder’s movies one has to admit, I would hope, that his attempts in the DCEU have been hit and miss a lot of times and aren’t entirely successful no matter how much people want to forgive him for the dark, grainy feel of his movies. True, it adds another element to the superhero world, a more realistic lean that might be appreciated by a lot of people, but it also feels as though Snyder might have been trying to compete with the MCU in a very heavy-handed way. Some might say ‘duh’ since the DCEU has been competing with Marvel, while others might deny this charge by saying that DC doesn’t NEED to contend with Marvel. That last one would be way too easy to laugh at since on the big screen the MCU has been dominant, even with a few less than perfect movies, since DC has really only fielded a few good movies that could even come close to competing with Marvel’s success. And if anyone wants the honest truth, one major difference between DC and Marvel is that DC has to constantly rely upon heroes that are basically as close to perfect as they can be, have amazing powers that can topple a legion of enemies, and are basically just that awesome. Marvel’s heroes are pretty flawed in a lot of ways and couldn’t take on some of the DC heroes, but somehow they still get the job done. Caleb Bailey of CBR has something else to say on the matter.

This fight between the DC and Marvel is going to keep happening for a while, but the struggle to release the Snyder Cut will also be a thing for a while longer since people are adamant about this. At this point though it almost feels like a group of people wanting to purchase a supposedly great car sight unseen, having only a description to go by and a vague hope that everything is going to go exactly the way they want. Has that ever really worked out on a regular basis? Besides that, listening to people go on and on and on about ‘release the Snyder cut’, hastag this and that and the other all over the place, it’s become kind of boring really since there doesn’t appear to be an end to it. DC might eventually just say hell with it and release the dang thing, but the hope is that they have a little more backbone than that and tell people that it’s not bound to be what they think and that they might end up wishing they’d never pulled so hard for it. But then again, people are going to clamber about this or that if they have the notion to do so and despite the fact that it’s a little vindictive, it does bring a smile to many of us when those pushing so hard for something are utterly disappointed with what they get. Sean O’Connell of CinemaBlend has more to offer on this subject.

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