The Top Five Bruce Willis Yelling Scenes in Movies

The Top Five Bruce Willis Yelling Scenes in Movies

Welcome back to Yelling Game, and welcome a new competitor, Bruce Willis! He looks so incredibly angry when he’s yelling that you can’t help but think that you might be in some serious trouble when he opens his mouth since in all honesty he sounds like he’s about to open an entire case of whoop-a** on you and then beat you with container once it’s drained. This guy doesn’t seem to have a lot of reservations about just getting down to business when it comes time to get physical and let that aggression out in a big hurry. The thing about that is though is that Bruce Willis can get good and steamed and then let it all out in a long, concentrated burst that seems to just keep going on whether he’s yelling or not.

Here’s a few clips to make that point.

5. Die Hard

This is one of the most classic scenes of Willis’ career since it’s also one of the best. A New York cop that has no business going up against hardened terrorists somehow takes them all down one by one until he’s left with just a few that have stayed alive since they’ve been the ones in the key positions he can’t attack. And then comes the fight with Karl, and it’s a down and dirty street fight for the ages.

4. Death Becomes Her

This was not his best movie but it was one in which his shouting is pretty comical. His praise of a miracle, twice no less, is kind hilarious as well as sad since it emphasizes just how whipped his character really is. A lot of men would likely be taking whatever measures were necessary to get away from these women when they were alive, and double-timing it once they were, well, less than alive.

3. Look Who’s Talking

Ever wonder if babies are actually thinking anything once they’ve developed so far along? This movie might not have been entirely accurate but it was at least comical in the fact that Bruce Willis provided the voice and managed to give an impression of what many babies were likely thinking when they were brought into the world naked, cold, and screaming their newborn lungs out.

2. Alpha Dog

A drug dealer doesn’t get paid from one of his guys and decides to take the guys little brother as collateral in an effort to get the rest. Bruce Willis doesn’t have a big part in this but when he finds out just what’s going on in terms of why there’s a missing person’s report on the kid that’s been hanging around his son he  gets a little hot under the collar. Most dads would probably yell first and do something soon after.

1. Armageddon

This is one of the most heart-wrenching yells since it comes as a result of one of Harry’s men being shot into space thanks to a methane blowout that was unforeseen and unavoidable on an asteroid that even NASA didn’t know enough about. But the situation that was already dangerous and could mean the end of life on earth just got a lot more hopeless at this point.

Bruce Willis isn’t the master of yelling, but he’s a contender.

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