Another American Pie Movie?

Another American Pie Movie?
New 'American Pie' Movie in the Works With 'Insecure' Actress to Write  Script

credit: American Reunion

American Pie is coming back, apparently, and it won’t be an ‘American Pie Presents’ movie but will be a fresh take on the overall idea. The sad part here is that a fresh take should probably take on a fresh name since the American Pie title is something that should have been put away after the Reunion movie, as the group that started everything has come full circle, more or less. They went from being high school students to college students to going through marriage and having kids, and the only thing left is to watch their kids grow and become the goofy parents that would be their final stage. Of course, a lot of people don’t really feel the need to see this, as it would appear that the Reunion movie was the last great bit of humor that was bound to be wrung from this tale. But it would appear that someone was of the mind that American Pie needed to make a comeback and tell another story that might make people realize how much has changed in the lives of younger people. At least, that’s kind of the hope. 

New American Pie Movie With A 'Fresh Take' Coming From Actor And Filmmaker  Sujata Day

credit: American Pie

So far, the plot hasn’t been revealed. 

There’s no idea how the movie will progress or what direction it will take at the moment, but it’s fair to assume that it won’t be the same as the initial movies that were released in the 90s. That type of humor has been deemed unwanted and unappreciated for a while now, and yet the same type of humor has still abounded in various movies and shows. It’s a bit hypocritical, but it’s also funny to think that certain types of humor might not be used when they’ve been effective for years on end. With that in mind, it’s interesting to think of how this story will take shape and what it will highlight since thinking about how it will be moved forward in an effective manner. One thing that feels certain is that technology will play a huge part in telling a different story since, back in the 90s, social media still wasn’t even a fraction of what it is today. 

It’s intriguing to think that at least one or two of the original actors might be involved or even be given a cameo. 

The idea of using a couple of the original actors does feel like it would be a wise move since it would give a little bit of validity to the story and could easily attract the notice of many fans who have been watching the movies since the first one came out. Depending on who could be reached and used for this movie, it does feel that people might express a great desire to watch it since Jim, Stifler, or even Finch might be a nice addition to the movie since they were among the favorite characters in the story. Oz and Kevin weren’t bad characters, nor were any of the others, but it does feel as though a few characters were far more vital to the story since their arcs have often been remembered fondly by many fans. 

credit: American Pie

Sometimes it feels as though a classic should be left alone after its run has been completed. 

Many might argue that American Pie is a franchise that will never be fully completed, and they might be right. But the initial run of the core group has been around for years now, and it’s easy to think that they’ve earned a bit of rest from the ongoing story that they began. It’s also fair to think that if this idea is going to move forward that it should be given its own title since American Pie has been done, and it feels as though it’s time to just let it go and create something new that might be inspired by the original story. That doesn’t appear to be the plan, but considering that it’s bound to be a while until this movie is in full development, it does feel as though there’s plenty of time to change things up and start something new that will appeal to the people of this generation who are currently experiencing what high school is all about. After all, that’s what made the initial movie so popular. It appealed to those who were in high school and those who had been through it in recent years. 

Nostalgia isn’t a bad thing, but there are times when it feels more like a crutch than an inspiration. 

New and innovative ideas that can help cinema move forward are what a lot of people desire, but that appears to be in short supply at the moment, as many ideas are clinging to the past and trying to ‘refresh’ them in one way or another. One of these days, it’s hopeful that people will take a look at the new ideas that are struggling to come out and realize that they need to build upon them rather than worry about losing money. 

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