The Top 10 Marlene Dietrich Quotes

The Top 10 Marlene Dietrich Quotes

The Top 10 Marlene Dietrich Quotes

Marlene Dietrich was an actress from Germany during What many people consider to be the Golden Age of Hollywood. She had so many variances in her personality that at times, she seemed almost like two entirely different people. On one hand, she was exceptionally strict, almost rigid. On the other hand, she seduced many men. It was interesting to see how this woman that was considered by many to seduce practically every man she came across could also be so rigid, so precise. If you want to know more about her, read the 10 quotes listed below. Perhaps it will give you a better insight into Who she really was as an individual.

She once said that she didn’t like the idea that people thought of her as a myth and not a person. It’s hard to know exactly What she was getting at here, but perhaps she was referring to that personality she was so famous for. Maybe she was trying to tell the world that there was a lot more to her than What people know about.

She also made the statement that she didn’t like being an actress and thought it was a rather stupid job. It’s interesting to know that someone Who is known for her work in film never really seemed to enjoy it. Maybe she was referring to the fact that film stars don’t often have any choices, as all of their decisions are made for them by film executives and studios.

As it turns out, she never wanted to be an actress in the first place. In fact, she said the whole idea annoyed her. This was something that she said in 1964. Most people dream of having a movie career and getting to play someone new in different roles, but she was quite direct when it came to how she felt about it all. Maybe she just felt like she didn’t have the power to change her circumstances while she was performing as an actress.

According to some of the comments she made, she might have been bisexual. In fact, she seemed pretty blunt about it.

She seemed to have a strange attitude about sex, as she once compared bathrooms to bordellos.

If she were alive today, she might be living her life much differently than she did. She appeared to struggle a great deal with her own identity. She once said that she thought of herself more as a man than a woman.

She made the statement once that you might be able to hide your age with makeup tricks, but your body would still betray you with something as simple as a flight of stairs.That’s funny, and oh so true!

She didn’t seem to like her fans. She once called them stupid and said that she never wanted to know any of them. You’ve heard of actors who would prefer to be left alone. This takes it to a whole new level.

She also said that she didn’t like negative things. It’s almost comical that she even says this. She doesn’t really come across as a positive person.

She didn’t like dressing up. She did it for the image, which meant she wasn’t really being true to herself.

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