10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kim Plath

Barry Plath

Kim Plath is known for her appearance in the reality television series “Welcome to Plathville.” Kim and her husband Barry have moved their children to a large parcel of acreage that is ten miles away from the nearest town. Kim is the matriarch of the family and fans are just beginning to get to know her through her role in the series. To give you a little more information about her, here are 10 things you didn’t know about Kim Plath.

1. She is the mother of 9 children

Kim Plath is the mother of nine children. Only three of them are adults. Ethan is 21, Micah is 18 and Hosanna is 20. The rest of the children are all minors and she has her hands totally full. Moriah is 17, and her sister Lydia is 15, followed by a brother Isaac who is 13. Next is Amber who is 10 years old, Cassia is 8, and the youngest is Mercy who is just 6 years old.

2. Kim’s family performs as a gospel musical group

There are plenty of the Plaths to make up a large musical ensemble. They call themselves The Plath Family Band. The family is very musically inclined and with the parents, Barry and Kim leading, they perform gospel music as a group. Kim and her husband are both strong in their Christian faith and this is why they sing gospel music.

3. She has been married for 22 years

Kim Plath has been married to her husband Barry for 22 years. They have a unique engagement story. She shared that God had told both she and Barry that they were going to be married on the same day, but separately. This was before either of them had shown that kind of interest in one another. When they spoke about it, they believed that it was a part of their destiny and they married shortly after. Kim and Barry both believe that it is important to seek God’s will prior to making both major and smaller decisions. They are also teaching these values to their children. The family is close to one another and according to Kim, they enjoy one another’s company.

4. She and Barry homeschool their children

The Plath children do not attend public school. Instead, they are homeschooled by their mother and father. Kim is highly educated and is well-qualified to instruct the children in accordance with the law. The Plath kids do not play with electronics or play video games like many other kids do because they live a different lifestyle. This is not something that they have been exposed to. Many of the Plath children have not even tried sugary soda beverages.

5. Kim is a physician

Kim Plath works from her own home. She is a naturopathic doctor. She believes in the use of natural remedies to treat the body for illnesses. Clients make appointments and consult with her at her home office. She also has an official website for her medical practice.

6. Kim lost her son in a tragic accident

In 2008, there was a tragic accident on the Plath family farm that took the life of her 17-month old son Joshua. She was transplanting fruit trees and was using the family’s suburban. She accidentally ran over her son. An ambulance was called but by the time that they arrived, her little boy had died. Remarkably, this is not something that her husband judged her for or held against her. It’s been a very difficult thing for Kim to deal with and it’s caused her unimaginable pain and grief. She was pregnant with another baby at the time that the accident occurred.

7. Barry was supportive of her through the entire tragedy

Barry gave Kim the ultimate in support after the loss of their son Joshua. He didn’t pass any judgment on her. Of course, he grieved and felt the loss, but he gave his wife the support that she needed to move on with her life. She shared that if he had been the one who ran over Joshua she would not have been so kind. She stated that she would have blamed him for the incident and she realizes what a remarkable, kind and selfless man that she is married to. He even read scripture to her to bring her comfort and help her to stop blaming herself so harshly for an accident.

8. Kim was against her son Ethan’s marriage

Olivia is Kim’s son Ethan’s fiancee. She shared a secret that Kim wasn’t going to tell her. It was revealed that Kim had advised her son Ethan to break up with Olivia because she did not approve of her lifestyle. Olivia does not live the traditional lifestyle that the Plaths believe in and she is more of a free-spirited person who likes to try new things. Kim is fearful that this will lead to trouble for the family, but Ethan decided to marry her regardless of his mom’s concerns.

9. She has an issue with alcohol

Kim Plath is not a fan of alcoholic beverages. When her son Ethan became engaged, she cautioned the couple that she would give her blessing on the union provided that there would be no alcohol at the wedding. She was upfront about the fact that she would not allow the beverages and if it was brought in, none of the guests would show up.

10. Kim takes a hard stand against alcohol for good reason

Kim Plath is trying to protect her children from making some of the same mistakes that she did in her past. The biggest reason why she has taken such a hard line against having alcohol at Ethan’s wedding is that she herself was an alcoholic. She doesn’t even want any of her children to try alcohol because she doesn’t want any of them to go down that same path that she was on.

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