Top 10 Best Bob’s Burgers Characters

Top 10 Best Bob’s Burgers Characters
Bob's Burgers Belcher Family

Credit: Bob’s Burgers

Since it first launched in 2011, Bob’s Burgers has 13 seasons under its belt and has become one of the most popular animated shows. Bob’s Burgers has also been nominated for an Emmy on 11 occasions and won it twice. This is partly achieved by its great cast of characters that make the show fun to watch, so let’s look at some of them.

Here are the top 10 best Bob’s Burgers characters.

10. Phillip Frond

Phillip Frond Bob's Burgers

Credit: Bob’s Burgers

A popular villain among viewers is Mr. Frond, the Wagstaff school guidance counselor for the Belcher kids. The carefree and occasionally disruptive Belcher children clash with his strict rule. He is Louise’s main target, and she enjoys making him uncomfortable. He is kept from being fully loathed by his overarching pitiful and silly manner, which makes him one of the more lovable characters. Veteran actor David Herman plays him. Herman gave Frond a humble, bookish voice that was appropriate.

9. Andy & Ollie Pesto

Andy and Ollie Pesto Bob's Burgers

Credit: Bob’s Burgers

These twins were so close that they virtually emerged from the womb clutching hands. They are Louise’s closest companions. They frequently banded together with Louise and the other kids to carry out schemes or engage in mischievous behavior. Despite being treated like a disposable object, Louise genuinely enjoys their friendship. They are endearing because of their illogical jokes and genuine sincerity. Sarah (Ollie) and Laura (Andy) Silverman, real-life siblings, play the two characters in turn.

8. Gayle

gayle bob's burgers

Credit: Bob’s Burgers

Gayle is the sister of Linda Belcher but much quirkier. Gayle often sought solace in her sister, who she burdened with requests for favors and financial backing for her erratic, eccentric endeavors. As a bonus, Gayle successfully got the Belchers to do what she said. She is a bit of a burden, but she does help us with things like child care and errands. Megyn Mullally did a fantastic job of capturing Gayle’s joyful energy and theatrical attitude.

7. Calvin Fischoeder

Calvin Fischoeder Bob's Burgers

Credit: Bob’s Burgers

One who owns Wonder Wharf and is a landlord to the Belchers. Even though Mr. Fischoeder is a questionable character, he possesses the charisma and charm necessary to persuade others to do his bidding. The Belchers were his regular collaborators and pawns in his plots. Mr. Fischoeder is not without his wild side, as evidenced by his shared interest in a show about car crashes with his housekeeper, Inga. He also has a younger brother named Felix, whom he loves to hate. In this production, Kevin Kline portrays Mr. Fischoeder. The show was popular with his children, so he first agreed to audition.

6. Teddy

teddy bob's burgers

Credit: Bob’s Burgers

As a skilled builder, Teddy was a regular helper and customer at the Belchers’ diner. Although he meant well, his clinginess and social awkwardness caused him to overstay his welcome more often than not. He always sought human interaction and would go to great lengths to maintain a protracted discussion or commitment. But he is a loyal friend who would do everything for his pals, especially the Belchers. Teddy’s voice actor is Larry Murphy.

5. Gene Belcher

Gene Belcher Bob's Burgers

Credit: Bob’s Burgers

He is Bob and Linda’s only son and middle child. Gene is outspoken, enthusiastic, and talented talent. He entertained/annoyed those around him with his unique musical compositions and witticisms. He knows the difference between every kind of fart that humans are capable of. Gene is an effective leader and supportive team member (orchestrating a school musical or heading a scheme). In several cases, Eugene Mirman, who plays Gene, made up the wacky comments on the spot.

4. Bob Belcher

Bob Belcher Bob's Burgers

Credit: Bob’s Burgers

Bob is the proud father of Tina, Gene, and Louise, the husband to Linda, and the proprietor of Bob’s Burgers. He is typically reserved but has learned to hide his fear of his eccentric and mischievous family. Despite his reasonable demeanor, he can easily be swayed by emotion. His enthusiasm for the kitchen was boundless, much like that of his family. He is skilled in various cooking techniques and exotic ingredients (concocting a beef tartare inside a burger).

3. Tina Belcher

Tina Belcher Bob's Burgers

Credit: Bob’s Burgers

Tina is the eldest daughter of the Belcher family. At first glance, she came across as timid. Internally, though, she was filled with unwavering confidence. She had faith in herself and in her abilities. Similarly imaginative to Gene, she primarily penned erotica for friends. While she was also a voice of reason, she often gave in to the influence of her peers. Actor Dan Mintz, who portrays Tina, has said that his personality traits are reflected in hers.

2. Louise Belcher

Louise Belcher Bob's Burgers

Credit: Bob’s Burgers

Louise Belcher is the youngest daughter of Linda and Bob Belcher. Her personality is very mischievous, and she’s always looking for conflict and confrontation, but she is still incredibly wise and often gives advice to her older siblings. Even though she has learned skills such as picking locks to be able to steal from her siblings, Louise still has a soft spot for them, even if she never likes to admit it. One interesting thing to note is that Louise is the only main character in the show to be voiced by a woman.

1. Linda Belcher

Linda Belcher Bob's Burgers

credit: 20th Television Animation

Linda Belcher served as the family’s matriarch. She was always hungry for more of this wonderful world. She jumped at any prospect of excitement or adventure. Her confidence radiated like the sun and inspired all around her. Linda was a peacemaker not only among her loved ones but also among her acquaintances and complete strangers. She meant well and truly wanted everyone to be happy and successful, but she occasionally allowed her emotions to get in the way and ruin things for those around her. She took great pride in her children and everything that they had done. She and Bob have a strong friendship; they get along well no matter what is thrown at them. John Roberts’ mother inspired Linda.

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