What We Learned from The Rick and Morty Season 4 Trailer

It’s kind of interesting how the creators of Rick and Morty haven’t been sued yet for likeness rights, isn’t it? Maybe things are just different enough that they aren’t getting into too much trouble, or maybe they’re paying off the right people, or maybe it’s just that the other people don’t care. That last one doesn’t sound right at all but obviously something’s going on since Rick and Morty season 4 is coming and there’s a lot going on that still looks as though it might be just crazy enough to be linked to various items of pop culture that people will recognize in very easy way. J. Kim Murphy of Variety has more to say on this. Of course other shows have done this as well and it’s gone over just fine so it’s hard to think that it can’t happen again even if there are recognizable ripoffs and have been since the first season. Rick and Morty has become a massive sensation that has drawn in a buttload of fans and as a result has become a serious pop culture movement all its own that people have willingly attached themselves to. Why this is and how it happened is easy to explain from many different perspectives but it’s still just a little confusing for those of us that see this show as a giant mishmash of pop culture that has basically been tossed into a blender and then allowed to escape when it’s somehow taken on a life of its own. Yeah, that kind of sums up the show really, and in season 4 it would appear that it’s going to keep going this way since there are even more references that are going to be used as Rick and Morty go looking for Summer.

Whatever we could possibly say that we’re learning from this show is that people are still willing to watch it since the craziness doesn’t end and the chaos is bound to continue so long as there are ideas that keep abounding from the chaos, and since that never really stops one can assume that it might go on for a while. As David Opie of DigitalSpy points out there’s already a plan for 70 more episodes after season 4, which means a season 5, 6, and beyond most likely since that’s a lot of episodes to pack into just three seasons, and a lot of crazy to try and force people to absorb over a short period of time. Somehow though, that’s the draw that keeps people coming back since whatever story is buried in the muck that is the plot line of this animated series. A lot of people have gone nuts over this cartoon and that’s been made evident when the ‘Mulan’ sauce came out a while back and people actually flipped their lids in real life when they went to McDonald’s and the sauce was no longer available. It’s one thing to hit up a Star Trek convention and state that either Kirk or Spock is a sissy, but trying to talk sense to a Rick and Morty fan is like banging your head against a wall while trying to have a calm, rational discussion about pretty much anything, related or not to the subject.

Season 4 does look as though it’s going to delve into a few other aspects of pop culture that fans haven’t seen Rick and Morty try to take over yet, but trying to predict just what’s going to happen and where things are going to go from a trailer is kind of difficult, but almost impossible in this case since where some shows take a twist and turn, Rick and Morty tend to take a turn and then do something that makes people say WTF as they find a new direction that no one was expecting. That, above anything else, is what appears to have been holding this show together for so long, and why fans are so enamored of it, they’re trying to keep up by watching the season and then reviewing them to see what they’ve missed later on. Like anything else it’s a definite ‘to each their own’ type of show that’s best to criticize from a distance and otherwise leave alone. One way or another people are going to watch Rick and Morty and either enjoy the show and figure out what’s going on, or they’re going to eventually come to a realization that the show is pretty nuts and wonder why they’re still watching it. Jay Serafino of Mental Floss has more factoids on the show that might shine some light on that idea. As the show goes along the only thing that can really be divined, other than the plot points that are somehow being dished out here and there, is that it will continue to be nuts and even psychotic in a way that no other animated series can possibly counter since the showrunners tend to think up stuff that might make even the creators of South Park sit with mouths agape.

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