Tom Holland Will Play Fred Astaire

Tom Holland Will Play Fred Astaire

Tom Holland Will Play Fred Astaire

If there’s anyone wondering what Tom Holland is going to be doing once he ages out of being Spider-Man and Peter Parker it should be easy to understand that the actor is already working on that small issue since he’s been in other movies already and is now going to be taking on a Fred Astaire biopic. He’ll be assuming the lead role as the famous song and dance man and it’s not hard to think that he’s one of those that might have the best chance of it since his look isn’t too far off and can be tweaked just enough to make him look even more like Astaire. It does feel as though the movie will focus on Ginger Rogers enough that a fitting starlet will be found to play opposite of Tom and thereby complete the store a little further, but there are no big details to be had at this time, apart from the announcement of Holland as Astaire. How this is going to work will be interesting to see when everything is done and ready to be released. 

There’s not much doubt that Holland will be able to make this work since the training he’s done for his role as Spider-Man is bound to help out a lot when it comes to taking on the dancing skills that will help him become a believable Astaire. It’s going to be quite the switch since people are far more used to seeing Holland take on an action role, but it’s also something that will enable him to branch out and find other means of making certain that people understand that his skillset extends beyond the MCU. It kind of makes one wonder how many others will be taking on the roles of various pop culture icons as the years come and go since there have been a few representations of famous celebrities and personalities from decades past, and a lot of actors have done a rather good job of filling such roles. 

There have been some failures here and there that didn’t exactly come close to the individual being represented, and it’s been seen more than once that biopics do tend to twist the truth or bend it to achieve a more cinematic approach. Some get a little peeved at this, especially those that know anything about the figure being depicted, while others wonder if any of it is real or if the entire story was retconned in this manner. It’s uncertain whether this trend will be continued in the upcoming movie, but it’s more than likely since like it or not, the reality isn’t always as cinematic as it could be, and there are times when things need to be given a little extra pep in order to get people to pay attention. The life of Fred Astaire is one that a lot of folks are bound to be interested in for one reason or another, but it’s also the type of story that might need to do a little something here and there to keep people focused on the story and less on anything else in the man’s life. 

Those that have watched and studied Astaire’s life are bound to be those that will notice any differences that occur, and there’s no doubt that they’ll end up sounding off when the time comes. One of the things about biopics is that they’re bound to show a good deal of truth, but they’re also bound to show people what the filmmaker thinks people want to see, just to keep things from being one hundred percent accurate since in some cases the mundane portions of a person’s life can be kind of less than what people expect of their entertainment. Some individuals have highly interesting lives and careers that don’t need a lot of work when it comes to a script, but there are moments when people might not want their entire lives broadcast on screen, or there might be moments that a filmmaker might not think are worth putting up for everyone to see. It’s hard to know how and why a filmmaker will decide what’s worthy of putting on the screen and what needs to be left alone.  However it happens, it does feel as though Tom Holland will make this work and will find a way to channel Fred Astaire in a way that people might enjoy. So far he’s done a great job at just about everything he’s done to date, and it’s fair to say that people are going to want to see what else he can do outside of the MCU and will end up watching this movie. If it does well then it will be another mark in his favor, but otherwise, it’s fair to say that biopics are kind of hit and miss. 


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